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File manager apps are some of the most important apps on your device. With them, you can browse your files, find your downloads, manage your storage space, move objects, and more. Not everyone enjoys file organization as it can be quite boring, but everyone still needs a file browser. Here are the best file explorers and managers for Android.

The best file managers for Android

ASTRO File Manager

Astro is one of Android's oldest file manager apps. He had ups and downs over the years. However, it has always been a solid choice. Some of these features include support for SD cards, cloud storage, file compression, application management, and archive extraction (ZIP and RAR). You also get good looks, material design user interface and simple operation. It's booming right now. It's also completely free with no ads. Metago, the developer, also has a beta version.



ASUS File Manager

It's not every day that we see an OEM app creating a list of apps, but ASUS File Manager is really, really good. It is compatible with most devices, even non-ASUS. You will also get a clean and simple interface with LAN and SMB support, cloud storage support, support for various file types, archiving support, and more. It's completely free, with no in-app purchases, and offers a unique experience for a simple file browser. The only negative part is the lack of root access. There are also advertisements.


File manager

The file manager has a fictional name, but it's actually pretty good. It's a new file manager app that gives you one of the best feature sets without adding too much bulk. You'll get basic file management features along with cloud storage features, NAS support, and more. You can even browse your installed apps, music and videos with this and the player isn't half bad. Perhaps the best part is that the app is free, with no in-app purchases, and (at the time of this writing) ad-free. It's just despite being less popular than others.


Fx file explorer

FX File Explorer is a comparatively new file manager. It has all the usual features. This includes various functions for your media and files, support for multiple windows, support for network storage like FTP, and even support for encrypted archived files. It's a lot to take in, but FX Explorer does it all. You even get a text editor and its archive support works with less popular stuff like GZip, Bzip2 and 7zip. Best of all, it has no ads and it doesn't track your devices. It is a good choice for those who quit ES File Explorer especially.



Mk explorer


MK Explorer is another newer file manager option. It's a simple option that doesn't have a lot of flair. This is extremely preferable if you really want something simple. It features a Material Design interface, basic file management functions (copy, paste, delete, SD card support for Lollipop 5.0+) and root access. It also supports 20 languages ​​and includes a text editor, gallery and music player. This one is a bit older. Its last update was in 2016. We only recommend this one for devices running older versions of Android, like Lollipop or Marshmallow.


Solid Explorer


Solid Explorer is growing in popularity and it's easy to see why. It includes material design, cloud support, root access, FTP, SFTP, WebDav, SMB and CIFS support, archive and compression support, Chromecast support and even streaming options. themes available. This is the absolute upper limit of how many features a file manager app can include before it can be considered bloated. You can try it for free for a few weeks.


Total Commander


Total Commander is one of the most powerful and top-rated file management apps. It has just about every feature you could ask for, including network storage support, cloud storage support, plug-in support, bookmarks, and other tools like a text editor included. This one is quickly becoming a favorite of many, even if the design isn't as current as some would like. Nonetheless, it's completely free, with no in-app purchases or ads. It is therefore difficult to be too critical of appearances. Give it a shot!


Amaze file manager

Amaze File Manager is a comparatively new app and it is a very good one. It is open source and focuses on a lighter experience for those who just need to browse light files. It includes material design, SMB file sharing, built-in app manager for uninstalling apps, root explorer, and more. It is up to managers to include the most important elements without feeling bloated. It's free to download and use with optional in-app purchases in case you want to help fund development.


Root Explorer

Root Explorer has been a longtime favorite of root users. It's not the most modern app, but it gets frequent updates. These updates bring a newer interface, more features, and better stability than its older incarnations. You will have unassigned root access (as long as your device is rooted) to do whatever you want. This includes fun tools like an APK binary XML viewer, the ability to change a file's owner or group, MD5 support, and more. There is a free version simply named Explorer. However, it's more for typical use. Root Explorer is where it is, but if you like the company and want a non-root version, Explorer works too.


Xplore File Manager

X-plore File Manager is one of the more unique options on the list. It's a forced dual-pane app which means you'll be managing two windows at once pretty much all the time. It's pretty cool if you copy/paste between folders or need to move files quickly. It also supports various file types, cloud storage, network storage (FTP, SMB, DLNA/UPnP), a built-in hex editor, root support, and many other features. You can even view APK files as zips if you like that sort of thing. The only downside is that it looks like it was created in 1995. Don't be fooled by a semblance. This app is seriously good.


If we missed any of the best Android file explorers and file managers, tell us about them in the comments.

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