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Accessing a good anime is easier than ever. Streaming services have given tons of people access to things they never had before. Being a fan, especially in places outside of Japan, is quite easy now. There are many ways to engage with culture. Let's see some of them for mobile phones. The industry continues to grow, but there are some decent apps here and there. Here are the best anime apps for Android.


Comixology is one of the best comic book apps. It's stocked with the usual stuff like superhero, DC, and Marvel comics, and things like that. However, it also has a pretty good selection of manga. You can buy manga and read it directly from the app. It also includes device synchronization. This means you can buy on one device and play on another. You can also subscribe to their service and read all the comics and manga you want. This is one of the unexpectedly better anime apps.


DrawShow Anime Studio

Those who want to draw anime have a lot of great tutorial apps to choose from. Drawing Tutorials: Anime and Manga is one of them. It has a variety of tutorials, the ability to use your own photos, and some decent drawing tools. There's even a free drawing mode without tutorials, so you can try it yourself. It's great for beginners. Intermediate and advanced drawers may require something with a few extra features. On the plus side, the app is completely free to download and use.



Hulu is one of the best anime apps out there for streaming. It has a decent collection of stuff including a lot of popular shows. The service itself is quite easy to use. You can also get a cheaper, limited commercial subscription or pay for an ad-free experience. The only downside to Hulu is that their anime collection can be a bit inconsistent. Some anime may have an English dub season while the second season is only subtitled and the third season comes back to be dubbed again. Otherwise, it's a good option for anime fans. It's also probably the best legit streaming site for Gundam fans.



MALClient is a mobile application for MyAnimeList.net. The site is a valuable resource for anime fans. You can track the shows you're watching, find new shows, view rates, and even find additional information. The app handles all these tasks with ease. The application also displays articles on the site. There's even community access to talk with other anime fans. There are several MyAnimeList clients. Most of them are surprisingly good. We wouldn't take the exception if our readers recommended another in the comments.



Netflix is ​​pretty much the best streaming app for most things. It is also an option for anime lovers. The services feature a variety of anime with English subtitles and dubs. This includes a few original series, including the Seven Deadly Sins, Knights of Sidonia, and a few others. There are a few prizes you can look out for. The $7,99 gets you one screen while the $11,99 gets you streaming to four screens at once with UHD streaming (on available titles). Anyone looking for good anime apps should check it out. You can get a free trial to sample the goods before signing up for the subscription.



Reddit is an obvious choice. There are sub-credits for almost everything. This includes general anime. These are hotspots for recommendations, discussions, and great places to post stuff. Also, many popular anime have individual subtitles. They can show where shows are streaming, when new episodes are coming, and more. We have the Reddit app based here. There are plenty of third-party Reddit apps that are pretty good. They all make great anime apps.



Tumblr is a great place for anime lovers. Tons of users start anime-themed pages where you can find stuff like reviews, opinions, artwork, cosplay, and all kinds of other bric-a-brac. Alternatively, you can start your own and contribute to the experiment. There is no rating on this site, so you can even find nasty stuff if you want. The app itself is well set up with modern design and easy to use. It's a great way to kill a few minutes or read some funny reviews from your fellow fans. The app is completely free and worth it.


VIZ Average

Viz Media is a big publisher of anime-related articles. It's one of the few big publishers that takes their mobile apps relatively seriously. Viz Media has a few apps. They have their own dedicated manga app which is decidedly average. They also have an official app for their Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. It is a very popular source for new manga. You can also check out their manga app specifically for Naruto if you're into that one. All three apps work very well, although they will require you to spend some money. We hope other publishers will take a hint and make some good apps too.



VRV is the best streaming service for anime fans. It includes multiple sites in one big package. This includes Crunchyroll, Funimation, Rooster Teeth, and others. Individual subscriptions for each of these would cost far more than you could pay for this all-in-one service. It is managed by Crunchyroll. Thus, he took Crunchyroll's item on his list. In fact, we recommend that you cancel your Crunchyroll subscription and migrate to it. That's right.



YouTube is a great app for anime fans. You can find all sorts of awesome stuff on this one. There are theme songs, soundtracks, and sometimes even an entire series or two. As a fan, you can make your small contributions if you wish. Additionally, there are a variety of YouTube personalities who make anime videos so you can find reviews, opinions, lists, and sometimes even news. YouTube is free with advertising. You can pay $9,99 per month to remove ads and enable background playback.


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