10 Best Apps for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

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Have you recently purchased Apple's latest flagship iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus? If yes, then that is definitely good news – first set up the phone completely and then go for installing the most useful and finest apps to get the most out of your device. We have created a list of the best apps for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Have a read.

Best Apps For IPhone 8 And IPhone 8 Plus

Surely we all first install Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp to keep in touch with our near and dear ones. So start there and follow the list here.


This entertainment app is a must have in your iPhone 8. Netflix allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. So wherever you are, restaurant, park or office, this app can be your true companion all the time. Also, it saves your account information, viewing history, etc. on the device so you can start watching the TV shows or movies where you left off.

Download Netflix


A very useful finance application to save you in case you run out of budget at the end of each month. This app lets you create a budget plan, remind bill payments, and track your spending habits. If you need some advice on monthly expectation or savings, this app is always ready to help. Additionally, it is possible to enter all your bank account details along with credit card information and develop a personalized budget for you.

Download Mint


This is a perfect app for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, in case you are not happy with the device keyboard. Gboard is an ideal choice for easy typing. This is a feature rich keyboard with gesture typing, loads of GIFs, emojis etc.. Also, there is a Google search bar right on the keyboard so you can answer questions and paste it directly in the conversation. So, to make your conversation more interesting, Gboard is a must-have app on your iPhone 8.



If you keep chatting throughout the day and looking for emojis to make things more fun, Bitmoji is an ideal choice for you. It includes a load of stickers from where you can choose anything to send to iMessages. Apart from these, it lets you customize the cartoon hair, eye color, accessories, outfits, etc to make it look your way. The best part is this app can be linked to Snapchat so emojis and stickers can be used in Snapchat as well.

Download Bitmoji


Do you like to stay safe and secure all the time? If yes, then this app is for you. Signal supports text messaging, voice calls, group messages, and more. and ensures that all your conversations are encrypted and secure. You can also send the attachments to the media. In a nutshell, it's a good replacement for WhatsApp, Snapchat or similar apps. You will find it in the iTunes which is highly recommended by everyone concerned with security.

Download Signal

Google Photos

If you are not satisfied with iCloud Photo Library, this Google Photos app is a must-have app for your iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. It can download countless photos for you while you can also search photos and share them with your family members via Google Smart. So, it is always good to keep this app on your device to enjoy the photo shoot.

Download Google Photos


One of the best iPhone 8 apps that can help you stay fit. This is actually a fitness tracker app which is designed to keep tabs on your daily activities. For example, it synchronizes information on the scale, keeps a record of calorie intake, tracks your weight gain and loss, etc. The best part about this app is that it lets you connect with other friends who can cheer you on in your physical activities.

Download MyFitnessPal


A photo editor is a must on every phone because it's the age of the internet and we all still share cool pictures from time to time. Snapseed is a very useful photo editor that has an interesting gesture-based interface. It is featured with innumerable filters to greatly enhance the captured images. Manipulating images is hassle-free. For example, you just need to drag images horizontally and their intensity will be changed. Likewise, if you want to change modes, just swipe vertically and that's it.

Download Snapseed

CARROT Weather

While the app store is filled with so many weather apps, this Carrot weather app is a great app for you to customize everything to your liking. You will get to know all the weather conditions of your city and any other region you want. The Weather Underground in Carrot Weather app integrates with local weather stations and thus helps you to know local weather information.

Download CARROT Weather


This is an awesome automation app for iPhone which is designed to make your work faster and hassle free. However, you need to configure it first. For example, if you configure the workflow, it can join two images, resize them, and finally save them to a specific album. So, this automates a series of actions with a single tap. This application is very useful that Apple has finally acquired. This application is available in the App Store.

Download Workflow

If we missed any of the best apps for iPhone 8, tell us about them in the comments.

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