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You should always back up your files. It is one of the most important things a person should do with their electronic devices. You never know when things are going to go wrong and you don't want to lose your business when things like this happen. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to back up your files and apps on Android. For this list, we're going to look at the best Android apps for backing up your data.

The best Android apps to back up your data

Autosync par MetaCtrl

Autosync is a series of backup applications from MetaCtrl. They are available for Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and MEGA as separate apps. Each allows you to back up files automatically. Files are also synced both ways. So if you upload something to Drive, Autosync for Google Drive puts it on your device and vice versa. Users can choose sync intervals, file types that go to the cloud, and more. It also includes Tasker support. Premium features include support for files larger than 10MB, syncing multiple folders, setting a passcode, no ads, and enhanced support options.


App backup

App Backup is actually a decent backup app for apps. It can copy APK files to your internal storage or to the cloud, depending on your needs. These are the actual APKs and install perfectly fine. At least they settled in well in our testing. You can also share APK files, check package name, app version and install date. Some additional options include an uninstall option, Material Design, and an auto-save feature in case you want to get lazy. It's not as powerful as root backup apps like Titanium Backup. However, it's about as good as it gets for non-root users. The app crashed once during our testing, but otherwise it worked fine.


Back up your mobile

Backup Your Mobile is another basic backup app solution for those who don't need a lot of features. It can backup many things including apps, system settings, SMS, MMS, call logs, etc. The user interface is quite simple and using it to back up files should only take a few minutes. It looks outdated, but it's not like you'll use this app more than a few times. Some have reported the occasional bug. So your mileage may vary. Fortunately, it's free, it won't cost you anything to try.


Easy Backup

Easy Backup is basically what its name suggests. This backs up your contacts. The app works offline, includes VFC support and quick export to whatever you want. This includes cloud storage, your email, or your PC. The app also supports 15 languages, material design and more. It's relatively simple to use, and we liked the number of options for manually moving your contacts. Otherwise, there is not much to say. This app does one thing and does it right.


G Cloud Backup

G Cloud is a cloud storage option, but specifically for device backups. It can automatically or manually backup your SMS messages, contacts, photos, videos, music, documents, call logs and other files. It can even back up your settings in some cases. You can set up automatic backup under favorable circumstances such as when your device is charging and also connected to WiFi. The service gives you 1GB for free and you can earn more free storage with various in-app little gags. It also has a $3,99 option for unlimited storage. It's not like Google Drive or OneDrive or anything like that. It is a cloud storage service specially designed for phone backup media. G Cloud has no association with Google.


Google Photos

Google Photos sort of counts as cloud storage. However, we believe this is a special case. This app backs up your photos and videos for free. The only thing Google asks is to allow them to lower the quality a bit. All photos can be accessed through the website or app. This makes them visible virtually anywhere with an internet connection. You can also re-download them whenever you want or share them in different places like Instagram or Facebook. There is an option to save photos and videos with the original quality. However, this uses Google Drive space and you have to pay for it. You only get free storage if you don't mind Google dropping the quality a bit.



Migrate is a handy tool for root users who use a lot of ROMs. Basically, it saves everything. This includes apps, app data, app permission settings, SMS messages, call logs, contacts, screen DPI settings, and even your default keyboard option. You save everything and the app creates a flashable ZIP file. You flash your new ROM then the ZIP created by Migrate. The ROM boots, you let the restore process complete, and that's it. This is still a brand new app with lots of little bugs. After all, it's still in beta. Luckily the only people who can even use it are root users so you all know what you're going to do here. It compares favorably with Titanium Backup if we are talking about strictly backing up apps etc.


Resilio Sync

Resilio Sync is one of our favorite cloud storage apps and one of the best apps for backing up your data. It works almost exactly like any other cloud storage service. However, instead of backing up to a mystery server somewhere, you back up your files to your own computer. Setup takes a bit of time as you need to connect your phone and computer so they can sync. Otherwise, it works like any other cloud storage app. You save your files and they appear on your computer where you can do whatever you want with them. Files are also encrypted for an extra layer of security. It's a great option for people who like the idea of ​​cloud storage, but don't want big companies keeping their data private.


Super Backup Pro

Super Backup Pro is one of the easiest apps to back up your data. The interface is functional and easy to use. It includes buttons that back up each item individually, including apps, contacts, text messages, calendars, and a few others. Users can define where backups go for easy location later. You can also schedule automatic backups as well as cloud storage backups. A few bugs have been reported here and there, but overall it's a straightforward fix.


Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is an essential tool for root users. It's been stable for ages, gets frequent updates, and has plenty of features. Unlike many other applications for backing up your data, Titanium Backup is almost exclusively for root users without many features for non-root devices. You can freeze and uninstall bloatware, backup apps (as well as app data), backup to cloud storage and much more. The Pro version includes many more features, including one-click batch restore, synchronization with cloud storage, and much more. It's the king of backup apps for root users, past and present, and everyone knows it.


If we missed any of the best apps to back up your data on Android, tell us about it in the comments.

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