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Let's be honest, we know that the majority of us are not able to stick to the schedule. Most of us also struggle to keep track of the birthdays of our loved ones. If you are one of those people, you can use the calendar apps available on Google Play to keep track of your appointments, birthdays, and other important things. We've hand-picked the 10 best calendar apps for Android.

The best calendar apps for Android in 2019


aCalendar is a classic calendar app that lets you keep track of everything. The app comes with a variety of features such as date display, reminders, notifications and many more. Besides, it also comes with customization options, Google calendar support, themes, tasks, and vacation tracking. What's special about aCalendar is that the developer also donates 10% of the revenue to preserve the rainforest. aCalendar is free, but there is also a pro version for up to $5,99.


Any.do is a unique to-do list and calendar app. The app provides the best of both worlds. It also works perfectly with Facebook, Google and Outlook calendars. Also, the app has Material Design UI which is very beautiful and clean. Overall it is a very good app with great features. However, the only problem is the price which starts at $2,09 and goes up to $2,99 ​​per month. If you are looking for a good app and price is not an issue for you, Any.do To Do List Calendar is a good option for you.

Agenda Business

Business Calendar 2 is another popular calendar app with the best customization options. In the app, you find the number of themes, a variety of calendar widgets, and various calendar views. It supports Google Calendar and Exchange Calendar which is a plus. The app also offers weather information along with other things that help you plan your day perfectly. You can get the app for free with ads or in-app purchases.

Calendar Notify

Calendar Notify is a relatively new calendar app, but it's as good as other popular calendar apps. The app comes with lots of things such as tons of customization tools, clean user interface and many more. It also supports Google calendars and other calendars compatible with Android calendars. The most prominent feature of this app is the customization option. If you're looking for a calendar app with tons of customization options, then Calendar Notification is a great option.

Calendar widget

Calendar Widget is another new calendar app with lots of features. The app has a clean user interface that makes it easy to use and a ton of attractive and customizable calendar widgets. You can also play around with the app's theme, but the options are quite limited. However, the app is good enough that you don't have to change anything. It is a premium app and you can get it by paying $1,99.

Google calendar

Google Calendar is one of the best calendar apps available. The app is also available in many Android devices and chances are you already have it on your smartphone. It comes with a good interface, various add-ons, and a few other basic things. The best thing about this app is that Google regularly updates this app which also does not come with any ads. You can use the app for free. If you're looking for a basic calendar app, Google Calendar is a solid option.

Simple Calendar Pro

Simple Calendar Pro is a simple and relatively easy to use calendar application. The app does not have any fancy features and does not support Google Calendar or external calendars. It's a good app for those who want a simple calendar with an off-grid approach. Simple Calendar Pro is a premium app which you can get at $0,99 which is quite cheap. As the app is still new, you can expect changes in the future, but for now it is a simple Calendar app with basic functionality.

My Study Life

My Study Life is the best diary app for students. The app comes with a cross-platform feature that allows access to the calendar through the web. It makes life easier for students by keeping track of your tasks, managing your courses and other tasks. The app is designed in a way to provide support for your weekly and daily rotation schedules. It also works great when you are offline and syncs it with other devices when you have internet access. My Study Life is free.


CalenGoo is a traditional calendar app with lots of useful features. In the app, you get Google Calendar and Exchange Calendar support, customization options, event option, recurring events, and more. The app doesn't come with fancy features, but it has all the functionality you'll find in a good calendar app. It also allows you to share the calendar with others so that you can share it with your secretary or family to keep track of your activities.

DigiCal Agenda

DigiCal Agenda is a very popular agenda app with lots of useful features. In the app, you will find the dark theme, number of add-ons, material design, etc. The app also offers themes, weather information, and support for Google Calendar, Exchange Calendar, and Outlook Calendar. Besides, the app also has the built-in location search which you can use to enter the address with Google places autofill. The free version of the app comes with restrictions, ads, and in-app purchases.


These are the 10 best diary apps for Android. Some of these apps are free but some are paid as they come with premium features. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below. You can also check out the best messaging apps for Android on our website.

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