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The iPhone has improved a lot over the years and now has one of the best camera settings on the market. A good camera encourages users to take lots of pictures because they capture lots of memories and beautiful landscapes. The iPhone camera app has also improved a lot, but when it comes to more advanced features, you can opt for third-party camera apps, which give you more control and advanced options within the app. . We have selected for you the best camera apps for iPhone in 2022 that you can use to take outstanding photos.

The Best iPhone Camera Apps in 2022


VSCO is one of the best camera apps that lets you capture good photos, edit them and share them within one app. The app also provides advanced features that make photos look great. For example, when you focus on an object in a dark environment, the camera often ends up losing image sharpness, but in VSCO, the algorithm ensures that the object is in focus even with the dark background. It also comes with grid features which are preferred by professionals for taking good photos. VSCO Cam is free to use and we recommend you try it out.


Light is the most important factor in taking good photos. If the lighting is not good, you will not be able to capture a good photo. LightTrac is an awesome app that determines the best lighting conditions for a good photo. It follows the paths of the sun and the moon and guides you with the best time to take the best photos. It is a premium app and you can get it for $9,99.


Camera Plus is a relatively new camera app, but it comes with a lot of cutting-edge features. The app comes with features like AirSnap and focus shift videos that you won't find in other camera apps. Air Snap allows you to convert another iOS device into a remote control and use it to take photos. Moreover, it has 3 distinct focus options: macro, normal and dar which you can use to take good pictures. Camera Plus is available for €1,09.

Pro Cam 7

ProCam 7 is another very efficient camera application which provides a host of manual camera controls to its users. You control features like focus, exposure control, real-time filter lenses, and more that you can use to take stunning photos. Moreover, the best thing about this application is that it comes with a minimalist user interface in which you can find the features without any problem. The app also comes with an inbuilt editor that you can use to fix or enhance photos. ProCam 7 is a premium app that you can get for $6,99.


Focus is an advanced camera app that is known for taking great portraits. The app includes a state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm that calculates the depth of field of each photo and creates a depth map. You can use the depth map as a dual camera output and create stunning bokeh effects with the tools available in the app. The app also offers many advanced features such as simulated aperture diaphragms, multiple lights in 3D space and many more. If you are looking for an app that takes stunning portraits, focus is a good option for you.


ProCamera is another professional camera app that offers more control over the camera. It allows you to preview the image before capturing it and you can use the grid and multiple camera modes to capture stunning photos. The app also offers the VividHDR feature which makes HDR photos work better. You can get the ProCamera for $8,99.


Pro HDR is considered to be the best HDR camera app available in the market. The app comes with the best HDR mode which you can use to take great photos. Besides, the built-in editor also lets you fix or enhance photos with features like adding filters, correcting brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth, hue, etc. Pro HDR is a premium app and you can have it for €2,29.


Snapseed is Google's not only camera app, but the best. The app comes with good features such as perspective control, exposure, portrait settings, and many more tools that you can use to fix or enhance photos. Moreover, it also has lots of filters and frames that you can use on your photos. The user interface of Snapseed is also very simple, you will be able to find all the features in a handy little window. Snapseed is a free app that does not come with any ads.

Camera +

Camera+ is one of the best camera apps that lets you take great photos with it. Its camera comes with features like grid control, timer, raw format and others which you can use to capture good photos. Moreover, you can use the built-in editor to enhance or correct the photo. The editor includes functions such as exposure, focus, 16 handy scene modes and much more. Camera+ is a premium app that you can get for $3,49.


Manual is another professional camera app that offers better camera control. You can change things like ISO, shutter speed, white balance. The app also includes a very simple user interface which makes it very easy to use. Manual is a simple application for professional cameras that offers a lot of control over the camera. It is a premium app and you can get it for $3,99.


iPhones come with a good camera setup that you can use to take stunning photos. These apps will give you more control over the photos you take. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below. You can also check out the best selfie apps for iPhone on our website.

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