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We live in the age of technological advancements where we have many technical solutions and the solution of having limited physical storage is cloud storage applications. Most cloud storage apps are free and if you use cloud storage, you can share the files with other people around the world by simply giving them access to the files online. In this guide, we will share the best cloud storage apps for Android.

 Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive is one of the best cloud storage apps and it is perfect for those who use Amazon Prime. In this app, you get the free 5GB storage to store your content along with unlimited backup for photos and videos. 5GB storage isn't enough for the power user, but it would work for most people. Also note that if you don't have an Amazon Prime subscription, unlimited photo and video backup will cost you $12 per. You also have the option of getting unlimited storage for just $60 per year.


Box is another very popular cloud storage app that caters to regular users as well as enterprise customers. The app supports many file manager apps. Free users get the 10GB free storage and you can upgrade it to 100GB storage by paying $10 per month. There are also business packages that benefit from additional business-focused features. However, Box has a 100GB limit, which means if you want more than 100GB of storage, you'll have to look elsewhere.


Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage apps and most come pre-installed on some Android smartphones. In this app, you will find tons of useful features such as automatic photo upload, easy sharing options, latest Android design elements, Microsoft Office support and many more. Free account holders get 2GB free storage which you can upgrade to 1TB for just $9,99 per month. The Dropbox also offers additional features for their business customers.

Google Drive

Google Drive is by far the most popular cloud storage app in the market and the reason is that it is very reliable and comes pre-installed on every Android smartphone. Free users get 15GB free storage with unlimited photo and video backup option using Google Photos. You can upgrade your storage to 100GB for $1,99 per month, and 1TB of storage is available for $9,99 per month. Google Drive is very easy to use and its seamless integration with Google Chrome makes it ideal for use.


Mega is also a very popular cloud storage app which offers the 50GB storage to its users. This is the biggest bonus among all other cloud storage apps. You can also further expand the storage up to 8TB. ​​The overall service is good but not as good as Google Drive. However, if you want to store large files on cloud storage, Mega is definitely a good choice. It also encrypts all data on the cloud, which means your data will be safe on the cloud.


Nextcloud isn't technically the cloud storage app, but it works the same way. In this app, you create the nextcloud server on your computer, then this app syncs all the data stored on your local cloud to your smartphone. It is a perfect solution for those who do not wish to store their sensitive data on third-party servers. The app is completely free and you can sync as much data as you want without any restrictions.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is another very popular cloud storage application that integrates seamlessly with Windows products. Free account holders get the free 5GB storage, which they can further upgrade to 50GB for just $1,99 per month. If you have an Office 365 subscriber, you can get this service with the standard package where you get 1TB of storage for $6,99 and 5TB of storage for $9,99.

Resilio Sync

Resilio Sync is another unique cloud storage app that works similarly to Nextcloud in terms of features. It allows you to configure the server on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet to synchronize it with your smartphone. Resilio Sync works the same way as Google Drive or Dropbox, but the only difference is that you have your own server. It's a great choice for those who don't trust third-party servers. The application is totally free.


Tresorit is a relatively new cloud storage application which is also very expensive. The main selling point of this service is that they take security very seriously and offer end-to-end encryption for data stored on their servers. Free account holders get the 1GB free storage and to upgrade your storage you will have to spend $12,50 per month for 200GB and $30 per month for 2TB storage. additional features for enterprise customers.


pCloud is one of the best cloud storage apps for Android. The best thing about pCloud is that it offers 10GB of free storage to every user, and you can further expand it to 2TB, which is surely plenty of space and can accommodate tons of data.

The app comes with the sync feature, which allows your cloud storage to sync across all devices, so if you store the file from your smartphone, you can also access it on your laptop and others. devices. Also, it uses military-grade client-side encryption to ensure your data is safe. You can get the app for free, but you'll have to pay if you need more than 10GB of storage.


Here are the 10 best cloud storage apps available for Android. Some of these apps are made by industry giants like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Western Digital. You can choose the one according to your needs. Let us know your favorite cloud storage apps in the comments section below. You can also consult the best antivirus apps for Android on our website.

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