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If you are a fan of entertainment, you have probably watched Disney's animated movie or show, which is the biggest multimedia company in the market. It owns some of the most popular brands such as Marvel, Hulu, Lucas Film, Pixar and others. Since the company offers so much, we decided to cover all the Disney apps for you. Here are the best Disney apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020.

  • DisneyNow
  • Disney +
  • YouTube
  • iHeartRadio Family
  • Star Wars
  • My disney experience
  • Reddit
  • Movies Anywhere


DisneyNow is one of the best Disney apps for iPhone in 2020. It is a very comprehensive Disney app and it covers popular Disney shows such as Duck Tales, The Owl House, Mira, Royal Detective, ZOMBIES 2, TOTS, Raven's House and others. The app also doesn't require you to sign up, and it shows new Disney videos regularly. If you love Disney shows, DisneyNow is a great option for you.

Disney +

Disney+ is arguably one of the best Disney apps for iPhone and iPad. It's the company's streaming service and it offers almost everything Disney produces. The app features content from Disney Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and many more. It also features some of Disney's most popular hits such as Frozen Series, Iron Man and many more. If you love Disney movies and want unrestricted access to the company's latest content, Disney+ is an ideal option for you.


Being one of the best Disney apps for iPhone, FXNOW is equipped with tons of cool features. It is basically a video-on-demand streaming service and you can watch any video-on-demand content. The app includes full episodes of some of the most popular FX TV shows such as Devs, Better Things, Breeders, Cake, Dave, Archer and many more. It also offers the Live TV feature which you can activate by logging in with your TV provider.


YouTube is one of our favorite platforms for watching Disney content. Being the largest video sharing platform in the world, YouTube offers amazing official and unofficial Disney content for you to enjoy. Disney and all of its franchises have their official channels on YouTube where you can watch the latest trailers and other content. There are also a few fan accounts by Disney fans where they offer their thoughts on various Disney projects.

iHeartRadio Family

iHeartRadio Family is surprisingly one of the best Disney apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020. It certainly won't offer the visual content, but it does offer the audio content such as bedtime magazines, adventure tales and other content nice. The app comes with dozens of family music stations and some of them also feature Disney content.

Star Wars

Star Wars is one of the best Disney apps for iPhone and iPad. In this application you will find everything related to the Star Wars franchise, which is one of the most popular movie franchises. It lets you play the iconic quotes from the Star Wars series with appropriate sound effects. The app also provides access to the latest news and other franchise content. It also offers customizable selfies that you can take with iconic Star Wars characters.


FANDOM isn't exactly a Disney app, but it can be a great source of information about Disney World. It is basically a community of enthusiasts where you will also find thousands of Disney fans. On the platform, you can discover anecdotes about Disney and all its franchises. If you like Disney Trivia, FANDOM is the best option for you.

My disney experience

My Disney Experience is one of the best Disney apps for iPhone and iPad. This is the official Disney app for Disney World and it comes with tons of cool features. The app provides real-time information on park hours, character greetings, parade times, and more. It also comes with GPS-enabled maps that you can use to explore Disney World and see all the attractions. You can also purchase park tickets and Shop Disney Parks merchandise on the app. It also allows to browse the menus of the restaurants of the park and to book the reservation. If you're thinking of visiting Disney World, My Disney Experience is a must-have app.


Reddit is another very useful platform you can use to find Disney content. Being one of the biggest social media sites, Reddit comes with tons of Disney communities that you can join. The platform features fan communities from Disney and other related franchises that you can join to stay up to date with all the latest news. It comes with communities dedicated to Disney shows such as Star Wars, Marvel, Avengers, etc.

Movies Anywhere

Movies Anywhere is a unique platform that allows you to stream content from popular Video Streaming platforms in one place. You can get Disney content from popular streaming platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Xfinity and others on the app and enjoy the content. The best thing about this app is that it also offers Disney content as well as content from other popular media companies. However, if you are only interested in Disney content, you can opt for apps such as Disney+ and Disney Now.


These are the 10 best Disney apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020. We hope you find this guide useful and help you find the right Disney app for you. To make it easier for you to choose, we've covered paid and free Disney apps that you can choose from depending on your needs. Also, if you want more variety, you can check out our guide on the best apps to watch movies on iPhone.

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