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Disney is one of the biggest media companies that owns tons of businesses such as Pixar, Hulu, Disney store, Marvel, Lucas movie and many more. The company offers tons of stuff ranging from animation to high-quality movies. That means there are plenty of ways to interact with Disney Stuff. We have adapted the list of 10 best Disney apps for Android in 2020 that will help you find the best Disney things on your smartphone. Let's take a look.

Disney +

Disney+ is the best disney app for Android in 2020. On this app you will find top of the line, Disney content like Marvel's The Avengers, Frozen Series, The Mandalorian and many more. The app also ensures that you have access to new releases and your favorite TV shows. It also comes with more 4K UHD and HDR titles which provide the best viewing experience. Disney+ comes with a free trial and subscription starts at €6,99 per month.


DisneyNow is the official Disney streaming service that gives you access to Disney TV content. On this app, you'll find Disney kids' shows, cartoons, classic and new Disney characters, and a whole lot more. The best thing about DisneyNow is that you can integrate it with your cable TV provider and have fun. We recommend DisneyNow for those who prefer TV content or love cartoons. If you like movies and more action, Disney+ is the best option for you.

My disney experience

Every Disney fan wants to visit Disney World at least once, and if you plan to, My Disney Experience will help. It is an official Disney app which allows you to plan your vacation, you can buy tickets and you also get the interactive map of the Disney world. You can also buy goods and also browse restaurant menus. The app also allows you to manage your reservations, tickets, magic strips and cards from the app. My Disney experience is also completely free.


FANDOM is a very popular community run by enthusiasts. On this platform, you will find the wiki pages for various media including TV shows, movies, cartoons and many more. You can use FANDOM if you want to learn more about your favorite Disney content or characters. We recommend FANDOM only if you are interested in Disney trivia, otherwise you can use other apps on this list.

Star Wars

Star Wars is an iconic Disney franchise, and it's loved by millions of fans around the world. That's why Disney has the dedicated "Star Wars" app, which helps you connect with all things Star Wars. In this app you will get instant notifications about Star Wars, you can choose themes, play classic sound clips and sound effects from Star Wars series, watch videos, news, blogs and many more. In short, if you are a Star Wars fan, this app is for you. It is free to use, but with ads.

Movies Anywhere

Movies Anywhere is one of the best Disney apps for Android in 2020. This platform allows you to use streaming platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Vudu and others in a single platform . As these platforms offer tons of Disney content, you can simply watch your favorite Disney content on this platform. If you're just into Disney content, then Disney+ is the best option for you. However, if you also want to access other content, Movies Anywhere is a good option.


Reddit is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. It is also home to many fanbases and Disney is no exception. On Reddit, you'll find tons of subreddits dedicated to Disney and Disney content, including Star Wars, Marvel Movies, Frozen Series, and many more. You can join these communities and share your thoughts with other Disney fans around the world. The best thing about these communities is that if you have a busy routine, you can always ask these communities to recommend new Disney content that you might have missed by chance. Moreover, you can join these Reddit communities for free.

iHeartRadio Family

iHeartRadio Family is one of the best Disney apps for Android in 2020. On this app, you'll find over 80 family-friendly music stations that feature tons of popular kids shows and movies. It also includes Disney content that you can listen to and enjoy. The free version of the app comes with some limitations and the premium version removes the restrictions and unlocks some premium features.


YouTube is surprisingly one of the best Disney apps for Android in 2020. It is the largest video sharing platform in the world and has millions of videos on various topics and Disney is no exception. YouTube is also home to thousands of Disney fans where they share their favorite Disney related content. Moreover, you can also find your favorite Disney music videos, memes, trailers, news and more on YouTube. Disney also has several Disney Channels where you can find official company stuff.

Applications TV en direct

If you are looking for the latest Disney content, Live TV apps are the best option for you. You can use TV services like Hulu and others to enjoy your favorite Disney content on your TV. These services come with the extensive collection of Disney content as well as content from other media franchises. You can check the full list of best live TV apps on our website.


These are the 10 best Disney apps on Android in 2020. If you are looking for the unique Disney app, then Disney+ is the best option for you. However, you can also consider other apps on this list if you are looking for more options. You can also consider live TV apps such as Netflix where you can find lots of Disney content.

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