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Gardening is a favorite past of many people. Some grow fruits and vegetables that they end up eating. Others appreciate flowers and similar plants. There are many things that technology can help. Gardening is one of them. Obviously, your smart phone cannot plant seeds or grass from your garden for you. You will have to rely on good old fashioned hard work. However, there are some apps that can make other things easier. Here are the best gardening apps for Android.


1Weather is about as solid as it gets for a weather app. It will show you the forecast, current temperature, humidity, sunrise, sunset, extended forecast and give you a radar to watch. Weather apps make great gardening apps. You can let them help you plan your watering schedule as well as your current planting and weeding schedule. You can also notify you of severe weather alerts if you need to do something about it. We know, it's a bit pricey, but this one also includes a 12-week forecast for your long-term growers.



Agrobase is one of the upcoming gardening apps. Its intended use is for agriculture. However, the same principles apply to gardening. It contains a lot of information, including information about bugs, plants, crops, etc. It takes a more hands-on approach with his advice. Gardeners can quickly spot things like pests or particularly nasty weeds with this app. It's not complete. The developers plan to add things in future updates. It's worth checking to see if you have the information you need. If not, try again in a few months.


Amazon Kindle

Sometimes the best way to learn new things is to read about them. Amazon Kindle can do that. The Kindle Store has a host of gardening books and reference guides available for purchase. They can help you learn a lot pretty much. This includes how to care for plants, specific plant needs, livestock species, things to look out for and more. Books are generally more in-depth than articles on the Internet. It's not one of the traditional gardening apps, but reading is how people learned about it. It is still an effective method today.


FlowerChecker +

FlowerChecker is an identification application. You can use it to identify various species of flowers, lichens, and other types of plants. What makes this special is that it doesn't use a computer algorithm to figure it out. There are actual flower experts (so marketing lingo goes) who identify them for you. The only downside is that you have to pay for each identification. There are easier ways to identify well-known flowers. However, it's a great service for the awesome ones you can't find yourself. This makes it one of the most effective gardening apps.



GRO is another of the upcoming gardening apps. It turns out an all-in-one solution. There's information on how to prepare your garden, grow plants, and even cook and share plants. It even has a care and maintenance feature that reminds you to do things like weed or water your garden. Its most useful function is information for first-time growers. You can find information as soon as possible to plant tomatoes without frostbite. It's useful and free. The app has a lot of potential. However, some may find it lacking at the moment.


Google search

The official Google app is very useful. It's not one of the traditional gardening apps. However, there are still plenty of gardening uses for it. You can use Google Assistant to set reminders for watering and weeding. You can search for information. People can even identify plants and bugs with a simple image search. You can also check weather forecasts, find tips, and get gardening news and articles. It's a good solution that's also good for things outside of gardening.


Google Play Livres

Another excellent source of reading material is Google Play Books. There are plenty of gardening books, guides, references and more. The selection is different from that of Amazon Kindle. However, this one has slightly better support for Android devices. You can buy a book, sync it to Android/iOS devices and read it anywhere. You can also upload books you already own to the service. This allows you to read them from the cloud. This makes it a good option for combining a new collection with an old one.


Google Maps

Maps has a ton of uses. Most use it for navigation, traffic, and finding things like restaurants. However, gardeners can use it too. Most old hats won't need a tool like this. However, those who are new to gardening may not know where the best seed stores, home improvement stores, and similar locations are. Maps can help you find them and navigate to them. Like many, it's not one of the traditional gardening apps. It's also pretty much useless if you already know the best spots in your city. However, everyone has to start somewhere and this is a good place to start.



PlantNet is a plant identification application. It slowly images and classifies tons of different types of plant life. The smart thing about this is that you can help yourself. Those who find plants not listed in the directory can upload a high quality photo and send it. Developers will eventually add it to the database. It also features material design. It's always a positive thing. The app itself is also completely free. You may have something like this with FlowerChecker+ and you'll probably be able to identify everything.


Sleep as an Droid

Wunderlist is probably the best candidate list app right now. It covers all the bases. You can create tasks, set reminders, and even set tasks to repeat. You can add notes, share tasks with others, and even categorize them as you see fit. It's great for gardeners who need frequent reminders on a lot of things. The app is clean, syncs between devices, and it generally works well. The free version comes with everything you will need. The only people who need to sign up for the $4,99 per month subscription are super hardcore business users. It's definitely one of those gardening apps to try.


If we missed any great gardening apps, tell us about them in the comments!

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