10 Best Parental Control Apps for Android

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If your kids have their own mobile devices, you might want a way to track and control what they're doing. The best parental control apps offer ways to limit time spent on the device, track usage and location, and block apps or games if necessary. Here are the best parental control apps for Android.

The best parental control apps for Android

family time

FamilyTime is a parental control system that lets you customize your control options for specific content or behaviors you want to prevent. The app gives you tools to set homework and bedtime, or just limit the time your kids spend on their phones. Additionally, you can block or control app by app, control texts and monitor contact lists.



Qustodio is user-friendly, efficient, and great for parents who are short on time. It offers a dashboard that shows you all recent mobile activity for any connected device, including time spent on specific services like Instagram or Twitter. From here, you can set time limits, track texts, filter racy sites, and set time limits for any game or app. It's relatively non-invasive, yet still effective – a great control app to use when managing devices for children of various ages.


ESET Parental Control

ESET has a feature set that allows for more subtle control than some of the other child safety apps. It offers blocks for apps and websites, but lets you choose age-based features that you can switch as your kids grow, giving them access to a wider range of websites while protecting them. There's also a message to parents feature, which sends a message that kids need to respond to before continuing to use their phone. As usual, you can set time limits for device usage, although ESET also allows children to request extra time.



OurPact is a streamlined app that offers essential parental control services without the hassle. You can block apps or internet access. Create schedules and control access in real time, according to your needs. It's not the best choice if you want to watch everything your child does online, but it's useful for keeping younger kids safe and dealing with smartphone limitations early on.


Kids place

Kids Place is a parental control system that allows you to create a safe environment for children on Android smartphones and tablets. The app operates as a separate user account, allowing parents to specify particular apps and activities that children can use and lock the account with a password. This means that your children will not be able to access other activities than those authorized by their parents.

The app can prevent your children from buying and downloading new apps, receiving incoming calls and using wireless signals. Kids Place also has built-in options for filtering online content. With it, you can restrict access to inappropriate photos and video files. Above all, there is a timer feature in the app which allows parents to control children's screen time.


Screen Time

The Screen Time app is designed to manage the time kids spend on smartphones and tablets. It allows parents to set various restrictions on kid's devices, as well as control browsing history and app downloads.

With this parental control, you will be able to set daily time limits for each app separately, block specific apps at bedtime or while your kids are going to school. Thus, you can limit access to social media to prevent your children from using it during their lessons.

A timeout feature allows parents to block device activities with one click on their own smartphones or tablets. The app also lets you reward kids with extra time on their mobile devices if they show good task performance or improve their behavior. In addition, the Screen Time application allows you to see the websites visited by your children, the applications they download, as well as the applications they use most often.


Norton Family Parental Control

The Norton Family Parental Control app protects your children from dangers they might encounter on the Internet. This software will prevent your kids from accessing inappropriate web content and wasting time on their smartphones.

Norton Family Parental Control includes some useful features to monitor and secure children's mobile activities. With it, you can view the websites they visit. The app will send you notifications if your kids decide to enter any of the websites you have blocked.

The app helps to track location on map and track conversations in text mode. Norton Parental Control also has app management options. So, you can view downloaded apps, block time-wasting ones, and check how much time your kids are spending with their mobile gadgets.


Kaspersky SafeKids: Contrôle Parental

Kaspersky is a leader in digital surveillance services and the Safe version of their powerful service has been designed to provide you with all the features you need to protect your children in real time and during use. device.

The Kaspersky SafeKids application allows parents to monitor their children's online activities on Android phones. Unlike other parental control apps, can be controlled from another device with parent mode. This is very convenient as parents can monitor what is happening on their device.


Kids Zone

If your children frequently access your phone. You can easily limit how they use your device with this amazing app. Create their separate profiles and let them use in a restricted manner with this free Android parental control app. Also, keep an eye on their gestures and limit them to using the internet or any advanced features. If you share your device with your little kids then this is one of the best apps for you. However, if your kids have a separate device, you may want to consider using another app to control their activities.


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