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I use these photo apps on iPhone to improve the quality of my photos, connect to my camera, and share photos and videos. I use iCloud Photo Library to back up my photos, but if you don't, you should check out Flickr or Google Photos. Here are the best photo apps for iPhone.

Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

Camera + – A handy app that can perform magic auto-corrections for photos that need better lighting with just one touch.

Instagram – Fun place to explore photos and share photos. 3D Touch makes navigating Explore mode easier than ever.

FocalMark – This app helps me generate hashtags to include on Instagram posts to get more exposure.

PlayMemories Mobile – I use this app to connect to my Sony RX 100 III and transfer photos to iPhone for editing and sharing.

Pixelmator – My favorite desktop photo editor is now on iPhone, allowing me to quickly fix and retouch photos.

iMovie – I often do review videos on the iPhone 6s and can use iMovie to edit the 4K video I'm shooting and then choose to upload in 4K or 1080P.

TouchReTouch – This application performs miracles when you need to restore an old photo that has cracks, creases and damage. Simply extraordinary.

Darkroom – This is another photo editing app that I like to use on iPhone 6s. One thing I like is that there are sliders on one screen to adjust multiple options so I can easily adjust one and then the next.

Ceiva Snap – This app lets me send photos to a wireless picture frame at my grandma's house so she can follow everyone without being on Facebook.

Afterlight – Powerful photo editing tool with filters, lots of control and the option to tap to see the original and let go to see your current edits for easy before and after editing.

If we missed any of the best photo apps for iPhone, tell us about them in the comments.

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