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Sports are among the best entertainment experiences. Going to live events is almost always fun because. Championships have a way of getting everyone excited because they're so tense. Sports fans are always looking for ways to follow their favorite teams and favorite sports. Luckily, there are plenty of apps out there that can help you do just that. Let's take a look at the best sports news apps for Android.

365 Scores

365Sports is one of the best comprehensive sports news apps. You can find information on various sports leagues and organizations. Overall, it covers most leagues in ten different sports. It features highlights of the videos you can watch, real-time updates on scores and search stats. It also has a really nice feature that lets you see which channels are your favorite sporting events. News comes from local sources. It is free to download to check.


Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report is a well-known sports news outlet. The company's app is also very good. There are a variety of news available for most sports teams. In the settings you can choose your favorite team and have the news stuff from that team more often. It pulls news from local sources, Twitter, Instagram and other blogs. There are also things like rankings, predictions, and other stats to check out. There is a lot of information in this one and it is one of the most comprehensive sports news apps.



ESPN has been one of the sources of sports news for decades. It features scores from most sports organizations along with highlights, analysis, news and more. It also offers access to its various television channels. You can access these for free as long as you have one of the cable TV providers. ESPN has also started covering eSports which is a rarity in this business. Their app has improved tremendously over time and it is one of the best sports news apps.



Google apps are a great source for just about anything. The app can quickly find information like news, weather, and even things like tracking information for packages you've shipped. Over time, it learns what you like and starts recommending new ones based on your tastes. This means spending time with this app that searches for sports scores and news will eventually result in the service automatically sending you that news. It's really very awesome. The only downside is that it won't be as comprehensive as something like ESPN or similar sports news apps. At the very least, the app is free.


MSN Sport

MSN Sport is a pretty big app that covers a lot of sports. It has coverage of over 150 leagues, including the major ones. Like most sports news apps, you can set a “favorite team”. This allows you to have more information specifically for this team. It also has a sync feature so you can get the same content from the web or the mobile app. You can also find live scores, highlights and other content. Most sites and channels have sports apps, but MSN seems to have done a really good job of it.



theScore is a sports news company. Their company does pretty decent sports news. Their main app was one of the most aggressive efforts in the sports news ecosystem. They adopted new design principles faster than any other sports application. Thus, TheScore is one of the best-designed sports news apps. They have also released an eSports app that covers the world of gaming sports. Both have plenty of features, the ability to follow the sports and teams you want, and both are regularly updated to prepare for major sporting events. It is definitely worth your time.


Thuuz Sports

Thuuz Sports is one of the most unique sports news apps. They rank each event on a scale of 0-100 so you can find the most exciting sporting events on TV right now. They also offer a TV schedule so you can find which games to play and where. It doesn't have the reach of many sports apps, but it does cover major sports leagues in the United States. There's also news, a fantastic tracker and alerts for your favorite teams. It's not a traditional experience, but something different never hurt anyone.


Yahoo Sports

Yahoo has long made headlines as ESPN's number one competitor. Their sports coverage is vast and extensive. Instead of everything on one site, Yahoo has a variety of blogs that cover details of various sports. So you get traditional news and modern style blogging all in one place. It covers a lot of ground, including big events like the Olympics. The app takes a bit of time to navigate, but it's an overall positive experience.


Individual team applications

Most professional sports teams have their own app. Apps are usually tied to the leagues they're in and run by their own team of writers. These are hyper local sports news apps that only give you information about the teams you love. Also, they tend to be more in depth on things like player injuries, events around town, and things like that. It would take days to list all of the available ones. So, your best bet is to hit up the Google Play Store and search for your favorite sports team.



Like individual teams, sports leagues usually have their own sports news apps. MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, and many more all have official apps. In addition to news, most major sports apps have streaming options where you can pay a monthly or yearly fee and watch live games, live. We are sure many of you have tried these apps and some of them are not so great. However, these are great starting points, especially if you're interested in streaming full games.


If we missed any of the best sports news apps for Android, tell us about it in the comments!

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