10 Best Yoga Apps for iPhone (2022)

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Yoga provides not only physical benefits but also mental benefits. Nowadays, instead of paying high fees to yoga trainers, you can have one in your pocket almost for free. There are tons of yoga apps available on the Apple App Store. Here are the best yoga apps for iPhone and iPad in 2022.

Down Dog

Down Dog is one of the best yoga apps and it comes with over 30 different layouts that let you set the schedule according to your choice. It is also a very complete application, it starts with a beginner session and then you can move on to more complex yoga poses. The app also includes 000 different yoga teachers and you can choose any of them and learn from the best. Moreover, there is also an offline mode where you can download the yoga groups online and take the mobile to a hotel or a beach and have fun. The free version of the app includes restrictions and you can remove them by getting the premium version.

Daily yoga

Daily Yoga is another very popular yoga app which is basically known for its easy to follow instructions. You can use the app to learn the basics of yoga in the first two weeks. The app includes over 500 yoga poses and over 200 guided classes that will take you from beginner to advanced. In the app, you will also find over 50 planned plans focusing on weight control, body sculptor, glowing skin, strength and flexibility, and more. Moreover, if you wish, you can also follow the yoga training among the workshops of the coaches available in the application. The app is free, but there are in-app purchases.

Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga is designed to provide you with professional yoga training without the need for professionals. The app includes over 200 Yoga Posses with clear instructions on how to perform them. It also includes more than 27 different sessions of different durations and difficulties that you can choose according to your level. These sessions will take you from beginner to advanced level. Moreover, it is also integrated with the Health app which you can use to track your other health activities and workouts. Pocket Yoga is a premium app and you can get it for $2,99.

5 minutes of Yoga

5 Minutes of Yoga is a perfect app for those who can't dedicate more time to yoga but still want to have great results. The app is designed for 5 minute yoga sessions where you will find the exact instructions on how to do the pose. Additionally, the app also includes a timer feature that you can use to make sure you're on pace. The app is also designed for beginners so if you are a beginner then this app is also perfect for you. 5 Minutes of Yoga is free, but there are in-app purchases.

Simply Yoga

The free version of Simply Yoga app is one of the best yoga apps for iPhone. The app includes a variety of workouts that you can choose from to suit your routine. Moreover, it also includes video tutorials where a professional yoga trainer will show you how to perform each pose in the right way. There are also audio instructions for each session that will help you learn the different yoga poses. The app is also available in a variety of languages ​​including English, Arabic, Catalan, Croatian, French and many more.


Lotus is a perfect application for beginners as well as advanced people. The app is designed to take you from beginner to advanced level through a variety of yoga and meditation classes. Moreover, you can also schedule a lesson on the calendar and it will remind you of the lesson on the lesson day. It includes over 450 yoga poses and each yoga pose comes with precise instructions.

Yogaia: Yoga & Meditation

Yogaia: Yoga & Meditation is one of the most comprehensive yoga apps out there. The app starts with an introductory yoga class where you will learn what yoga is and other things about it. If you are at an advanced level, you can skip this class and move on to the advanced sessions, the app provides 24/24 access to yoga classes. Also, if you want, you can set up the personal course where you will book the course, turn on the camera and learn from the best. You can also join live yoga classes from your home. Yogaia: Yoga & Meditation offers the trial period and once it is over, you will need to pay a subscription to continue using the app.

Asana Rebel Yoga

Asana Rebel is a powerful yoga app that includes tons of yoga exercises that can help you lose weight, burn calories, get fit, and relieve stress levels. The app comes with over 100 yoga workouts designed by top yoga and fitness trainers. It also includes personalized training based on your fitness goals. You can use the app for free, but there are in-app purchases.

Yoga & Meditation by Glo

Yoga & Meditation by Glo is one of the best yoga apps for iPhone and iPad. The app includes personalized class recommendations which are basically the recommendations based on your fitness goals. It also includes a series of guided classes where you can learn yoga techniques from top yoga experts. The app is free, but there are in-app purchases.


These are the 10 best yoga apps for iPhone and iPad. You can choose those according to your preference. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section below. You can also consult the best health apps for iphone on our website.

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