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Pinturillo has become a hit for downloads during coronavirus quarantine. This fun online game consists of guessing what our opponent is drawing, depending on the position or the time you have taken to guess the drawing you will have more or less points.

As this quarantine has had many downloads, the servers that are not used to support so many people have been down more than once or have not allowed to create rooms to play with your friends. That's why Gamerslance presents you with a list of 10 games similar to Paintbrush so that you can play other similar games with your friends.

10 games similar to Paintbrush

Gamerslance has compiled a list of 10 games that are similar to Paintbrush so that you can play similar games with your friends.


The first game that looks like Pinturillo is Gartic .IO. This alternative to Pinturillo inherits the philosophy of the original game. In fact, it is practically a copy of the original game. Through a turn-based system, we will have to guess what draw our components before the countdown ends.


The second set similar to Pinturillo is Songpop . This multiplayer game reverses the operation of tools such as Shazam, by acting as a song player we'll have to guessing between different participants in the same group.


The third game we present to you to play with your friends is UNO ! The card game par excellence now has a version for mobiles and tablets. The digital version inherits the philosophy and operation of the original title and adds a number of modes to make it more attractive.

Draw Something Classic

The fourth game in this list is Draw Something Classic . Another painting game that imitates Pinturillo's philosophy. Draw Something Classic inherits the turn-based system from the original title with some additions like color packs or bombs.

Draw N Guess Multiplayer

The game similar to Pinturillo found on the equator is Draw N Guess Multiplayer . Another title similar to Pinturillo. The game has groups of 2 to 6 players in which we have to guess what our opponents are drawing. Perhaps its biggest difference from the original game is the amount of painting tools available to the application.


The seventh place of the 10 games similar to Pinturillo is LETSDRAWIT . A game that differs from the rest by testing our artistic skills. LetsDrawIt will show us an image of the work or photograph to imitate as a decal. Then, the users will have to rate anonymously the creations of the rest of the participants.


The eighth place in this list of games is occupied by STOP! Also known as Tutti Frutti, Bachillerato or Basta. This popular game is now available on mobile phones in the form of an application. Stop inherits the operation of the above-mentioned games , with a mechanical based on groups where a host will be randomly selected.

Fight List

The eighth Pinturillo-like game we present to you is Fight List . A virtual trivia game to compete against other players in small remains where we will have to indicate the highest number of responses possible in the face of an issue set by the application. Social network names, Disney princesses, rivers, towns, kings, mountains...


The next and penultimate game similar to Pinturillo that we present you is Asked . Preguntados is a different alternative, since it does not consist of drawing, but is a game of trivia. But it is also an entertaining multiplayer game to play with friends from home and exercise your mind.


The latest game we present to you is Skribble .IO. You enter, write your name and immediately join a game where you have to guess a word, based on the picture that one of the participantsis drawing.

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