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Stardew Valley is an indie game that has been released for a variety of platforms. This game is similar to its predecessors like Harvest Moon, a classic of the genre, in the fact that the most important thing is not crops or money, but you also have to build good relationships with the people around you in the village.

If you are a fan of the Life Simulation games genre and have already completed Stardwey Valley 100% from Gamerslance we present you with a list of 10 games that are similar to Stardwey Valley . This way you can start a new life in another game.

10 Stardwey Valley-Like Games

From Gamerslance we present you a list with 10 games similar to Stardwey Valley.


The first such game we present to you is Terraria. In the case of Terraria, it is more of a life-simulator than of agriculture, but you can also stay at home taking care of your crops if that's your preference. It's a game of construction that came out in 2011, originally for PCs but which expanded to other platforms.

Voodoo Garden

The second game of the 10 Voodoo Garden-like juices. Voodoo Garden is not your typical garden or farm where fruits and vegetables are born, but in this game they grow herbs, fruits, vegetables and shrubs you need to create devices of the occult. You can also catch swamp animals that can be useful for creating voodoo magic products.

Don't Starve Together

Third place goes to Don't Starve Together . Don't Starve Together is the most requested version of the previous game, Don't Starve. Why? Because it's multiplayer. Don't Starve Together is a darkly themed survival game. The challenge is survive as long as possible, and this way of survival only ends when the main player dies.

My Time at Portia

The fourth Stardwey Valley-like title we present to you is My Time at Portia . My Time at Portia offers an immersive world called Portia. There, players must restore their father's workshop in abandonment, and along the way, plant crops,fill commissions and raise animals.

Farming Simulator

Arriving at the halfway point of the 10 games similar to Stardwey Valley is Farming Simulator . This successful saga of games has been going on since 2008, and is the game of the purest farm simulation we could ever find. There's totally based on keeping the farm, and they follow the player while growing his crops and raising animals, as well as selling the products they get for working on it.

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

The sixth Stardwey Valley-like game we introduce you to is Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns . This title is a successor to the Harvest Moon series and, to all sense and purpose, is a refined version of the same. In it, you're an inexperienced young farmer who has to start growing their land. It's a lot faster than farm games conventional, since time does not pass so slowly.


The next game we present to you is Staxel. After games like Minecraft dominated the attention of audience, it was to be expected that a game would come out that would mix the idea of to have a farm with the Minecraft aesthetic. That's where Staxel came from, where you find RPG elements like in Minecraft and social and agricultural aspects, like in Harvest Moon.

Hay Day

The ninth and penultimate game we present to you is Hay Day. Hay Day is one of the few tickets on this list that is only to play on the phone and is available for Andoid e iOS. However, the game is extremely popular and has enough features that make it enter the farming simulatorrating.

Graveyard Keeper

The tenth and final simulated game we present to you is Graveyard Keeper . This game is extremely curious, where you are the keeper of a cemetery and you have to make management decisions that could to be, let's say... unethical. To compare it to Stardew Valley, it is addictive, fun and has interesting features that make the game never tedious.

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