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Habbo, which used to be known as Habbo Hotel, is definitely a familiar name to many if you're from that generation. At one point, Habbo even had about 5 million unique visitors each month and most players are teenagers.

This game is currently active and you can play or hang out with your friends. But let's not kid ourselves, it's not the same as it was 10 years ago. If you were a Habbo fan and would still like to play similar games from Gamerslance we present you a list with 10 Habbo-like games.

10 Habbo-like games

From Gamerslance we present you with a list of 10 Habbo-like games.

Lady Popular

The first game we present to you is Lady Popular. Each player uses an avatar called Lady and you can personalize your appearance in terms of makeup and hairstyle or even create clothes. In this virtual world, you can also rent an apartment and decorate it, join the players in missions or even participate in duels at the Fashion Arena.

Second Life

The second game we present to you similar to Habbo is Second Life . You create your own avatars and can do many things like socializing, participate in activities, create your own business or even sell your own and you can do many things like socializing, participate in activities, create your own in-game business for real money.


The third game we present to you is Twinity . The users of this world are called Twinizens. They are known for using replicas of big cities in the real world inside this virtual place. Said this, they began to introduce new fantasy-basedenvironments instead of real life.

Avakin life

The next game we present to you is Avakin life. You can use your own avatar, which is of course customizable with over 1,000 different styles of clothing.

Free Play SIMs

At the halfway point of the 10 Habbo-like games is The Free Play SIMs . The FreePlay Sims is a version of the beloved Sims that combines the features you already know with a new experience for your iOS/Android/Blackberry 10/Windows Phone/Kindle and you can play for free.


The sixth game we recommend is WoozWorld . It can be described as a trendy virtual world, and the game involves a lot of customization of your avatar's looks with clothes new every week.

Entropy Universe

The seventh Habbo-like game is Entropia Universe. Entropia is more oriented to hunting, crafts and mining, rather than just socializing with others. You have to buy weapons, ammunition, mining equipment and so on.


The next game we introduce you to is IMVU . IMVU is a 3D avatar social application that allows users to explore thousands of virtual or metaverse worlds, create 3D avatars enjoy 3D chats, meet people from all over the world in a and spread the power of friendship.

Cooee Club

The ninth and penultimate game we present to you is Club Cooee . You have your own avatar that is customizable from head to toe using all kinds of accessories and clothing. The rooms are quite linear, and are intended only for chat.


The last of the 10 Habbo-like games we present to you is OurWorld . OurWorld is another very popular virtual world like Habbo, which allows you to play mini-games online and also do activities with other players. It's a game mainly for teenagers.

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