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In Google Play Store, we have tons of apps, which help us for many things. We also have many apps for our pets, which we can use to find food, sitters, and other resources. Here are the best pet apps for Android in 2022.


11pets is one of the best pet apps for Android. The best thing about 11pets is that it offers a complete solution to all pet affairs. From food tracking to medication reminders, 11pets can handle them all.

Plus, it also offers reminders, so if the vet appointment is coming up, the app will let you know. Also, 11pets is totally free with no strings attached.

Amazon store

One of the biggest challenges of owning a pet is finding the right food and other related products for your pet. Instead of wandering from store to store, you can simply use Amazon to get all your pet supplies.

Being the largest online shopping marketplace, Amazon offers cages, pet food, and other related items that you may need for your pet. In addition to that, you can also look at reviews from other buyers, which help you make a purchase decision.


Chewy is one of the best pet apps for Android. This platform is dedicated to pets and features pet items from over 1000 brands.

On this app you can easily find the food for all your pets including cats, birds, fish, dogs etc. So if you're looking for a dedicated app to get your pet food, then Chewy is a solid option.


Google is surprisingly one of the best pet apps for Android. As you may know, Google is the biggest search engine in the world and it can easily find tons of resources for your pet in seconds.

You can easily find information about your pets, nearest parks, stores and other related objects in seconds. So, you are looking for an app that can get results from millions of web pages, then Google is a solid option for you.


Most of us lead busy lives and often need someone to take care of our pets. If you also have a busy lifestyle and are looking for someone to take care of your dog, you can use the Rover.

Rover is a great platform where you can easily find the dog sitter in your area. The app provides the dog sitter rating so that you know whether your selected dog sitter is a suitable option or not. It mainly focuses on sitting dogs, so if you have other pets, you can try other apps from this list.


Keeping all of your pets' medical records in one place is no easy task, but with Pawprint, you can simply put everything there and track it right from the app.

The app also offers appointment reminders, which help you plan ahead. It also requires your vet to be part of the network to function properly. So if your vet is part of this Pawprint network, this app is a great option for you.

Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid is one of the best pet apps for Android, and as a pet owner you must have it on your smartphone. This app basically provides detailed information about your pet's medical emergencies.

For example, it provides step-by-step guides on what to do if your pet is choking or bleeding. It mainly covers popular pets such as cats and dogs. So if you are a cat or dog owner, you should have this app.


Reddit is a very popular social media platform and is also home to thousands of pet owners around the world. In this app, you can join Subreddits dedicated to various pets where you can socialize and learn a lot from veteran pet owners.

Similarly, you can also join Facebook groups, where you can socialize with other pet owners and learn a lot about pets.


Dogo is one of the best pet apps for Android. If you have just received your pet and it is not trained, Dogo is for you. In this app you will find over 100 dog training lessons that you can teach your dog.

The best thing about Dogo is that every training lesson is well explained which makes training the dog easy. It also comes with different dog training programs that focus on dog obedience, keeping active, little helper and other areas.


One of the major challenges for pet owners is finding a place where they can keep their pets. These days, many hotels don't allow pets, so if you're traveling with your pet, you can use BringFido.

It's a handy app that helps you find pet-friendly restaurants, hotels, and attractions. You can also use the app to find sitters, pet supply stores, dog walkers, and other resources near your locations.


That's it, guys. These are the 10 best pet apps for Android. Most of these apps are free and you can use them to take care of your pets. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section below. Also, if you are looking for more places to buy items for your pets, you can try other shopping apps as most of them have pet items as well.

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