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Emily in Paris, the Netflix series produced by the creator of Sex and the City, is undoubtedly one of the latest television phenomena. Controversies included, as French critics have complained about the American portrayal of French society.

This production about a young woman from Chicago who moves to the capital gala, it has given the platform a good crowd pleaser, but as is often the case, the fans have quickly run out of vice. That's why AlterWorld would like to present you with a list of series similar to Emily in Paris.

10 series similar to Emily in Paris

From AlterWorld we want to present you a list with 10 series similar to Emily in Paris . This way you will be able to kill your vice with similar series.

Love Life

The first series we present to you is Love Life . An anthological fiction (it will have a different central character in each season) that you can see on HBO Spain, with Anna Kendrick as the undisputed star, in the role of the director of a theatre company that does not belong to her.

Sex and the City

The next series we recommend is Sex and the City. Thescriptwriter Darren Star gave in Sex and the City one of the best series in history, and the most influential. It's not HBO for nothing. She was one of the first in giving women a voice to talk about what was previously only allowed the men...


The third series that's sure to get you hooked is Valeria. Based on the books of Elísabet Benavent , it narrates the adventures of four friends trying to succeed at work and in love in a Madrid is full of beautiful and elitist settings.


The fourth place is occupied by Insecure. The comic Issa Rae produces and stars in this HBO title around the experiences of a young black woman from Los Angeles (the portrait of the city and their environments is very important) in continuous crisis.

Call my Agent

The fifth similar series we present to you is Call my Agent . It is a French comedy set in an art agency in the one that a famous star, from Juliette Binoche to Isabelle Huppert, makes a cameo in every chapter.


The sixth of the 10 Emily-like series in Paris is Dollface . A girl who works in a marketing company where there is a lot of posture, but little respect for the employee suffers the breakup of a relationship of many years and has to recover the friends who were left abandoned.

The Bold Type

In seventh place we find The Bold Type . This fiction revolves around three 20-somethings working on a women's magazine, a starting point that serves to update many ideas about friendship between women, about feminism, about the work and love...

Why do women kill

The eighth series we present to you similar to Emily in Paris is Why Women Kill . We talk about the legacy of Sex and the City is Desperate Housewives, but we prefer to stay with another one by its creator, Marc Cherry, which will delight Emily's followers in Paris . Especially for its visual aspects, its exclusive and colorful environments, its clothes, its jewelry, its houses, the food


The penultimate similar series to hook you up is Girlboss . It tells the true story of Sophia Amoruso, who started out selling clothes vintage on eBay and by the age of 28 had created his own empire.


The last Emily-like series in Paris is Younger . This production that comes to Spain from TNT stars Sutton Foster, eminent of the Broadway musical, and the singer Hilary Duff. It is the story of a single mother of over 40 who pretends to be in her twenties.

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