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In the previous article, we had discovered the screen of jeb_ which formalized the arrival of the polar bears and I had asked you to share your impressions about this new mob and your ideas for the future. Before seeing them, let's recap what we already know about him:


  • It is neutral, that is to say that if we don't hit it, it won't attack us;
  • He has a "baby" version of him;
  • He lives in snow biomes;
  • Babies are passive, adults are neutral unless there is a baby around, in which case it is aggressive.

And now let's see what you came up with:

  • He could eat fish.
    • It is true that this is the most obvious food it could be associated with.
  • It drops bear fur.
    • A logical choice after what we saw with rabbits, for example.
  • Being able to ride the bear that would attack all mobs around us.
    • The idea is nice, but I don't think it will be realized.
  • He hunts fish in the wild.
    • Given the big AI changes in previous snapshots, it's possible.
  • It drops bear meat.
    • A bit too many different meats in Minecraft for my taste…
  • Addition of the temperature, we lose life if we do not have the items necessary for the survival of the biome in question, for example a fur jacket for the snow biome. This jacket would be crafted using bear fur. We warm ourselves by the fire, etc.
    • Why not, although it's a rather complex system that might not appeal to everyone. So I don't think it will be done.


Now let's go to the screen of the day:


What are these? https://t.co/PgGNaY6dLO Based on work by @argo_major, aimed for MCPC 1.10 and MCPE 0.15.0.

- Jens Bergensten (@jeb_) 11 April 2016

" What is that ? Based on work by @argo_major, planned for MCPC 1.10 and MCPE 0.15.0”.

In effect ! What is that ? Here are my theories:

  • You can see that he has a bow, so maybe he's a slightly modified skeleton. Much like the zombie villager and the basic zombie;
  • Even if this screen suggests that it spawns naturally and is not difficult to find, it could be a new boss very requested by the community;
  • This skeleton reminds me a lot of the White Walkers from the “Game of Thrones” series. Species of zombies that live in the cold;
  • It would also be possible that these mobs only spawn in snow biomes;
  • He might be able to fire poison arrows added in the previous version;
  • Maybe his outfits aren't part of his texture, but are real new armor (Maybe bear fur for that matter!);
  • You can't trust appearances! Maybe it's a passive mob, who knows?

What do you think of this mob? What could he drop? Where and how would it appear? It's up to you to give me your hypotheses, your ideas, your remarks in the comments section!

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