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Age of Empire is a series of real-time strategy games for personal computers, first developed by Ensemble Studios and later by Skybox Labs, and published by Xbox Game Studios. The first title, Age of Empires, appeared in 1997; since then, two more titles and six more expansions have been released.

If you're a fan of the Age of Empire series or like games that are similar to it, Gamerslance has compiled a list of 14 Age of Empire-like games so you can continue to recreate historical or fantasy battles.

14 Alternatives to Age of Empire

From Gamerslance we present you with a list of 14 Age of Empire-like games.


The first such juice we present to you is Banished . Banished is a game that you can find on the Steam platform for a price of 18.99 euros. It's a strategy game in the AoE style, obviously, but with a slightly calmer dynamic .

Pharao + Cleopatra

The second game we present to you is Pharao + Cleopatra . We will have to develop our civilization in ancient Egypt collecting grain and resources from the mines, worshipping the gods in their temples and fighting those who try to defeat us . They are sold as a pack on Steam, for a price of 9.99 euros.

Civilization VI

The third game that we present to you as similar to AgE is Civilization VI . A turn-based strategy game whose map is divided by a series of hexagonal boxes where we will find the different cities to improve and, of course, to conquer.


Factorio consists of a real-time strategy game where we will have to collect the resources to make tools and new machinery. A In turn, these machines will allow us to produce more advanced materials .

Total War: Three Kingdoms

The fifth alternative we present to you is Total War: Three Kingdoms . This is another saga known by many users where this is the Thirteenth delivery. In this case we will control the 12 factions of the three kingdoms. Our mission will be to unify China and become in their ruler by defeating the enemy factions.

Anno 1404 - History Edition

The next Age of Empire-like game is Anno 1404. In this case we have a delivery of another well known saga. This is Anno 1404, the last game released in June of this year 2020. In this game we will have to manage the resources to make this small town grow into a great civilization.

Empires of the Undergrowth

The seventh AgE-like juice is Empires of the Undergrowth . It consists of improving your civilization to make it bigger and strong. But beware, a civilization with six legs. Your citizens will be ants. You'll have to build tunnels, chambers of food storage and raise new members as quickly as possible to the colony to fight other ants that claim your territory.

Dawn of Man

The next similar game is Dawn of Man . It involves making a village better by managing its resources and the development of new tools, but where is that differential point? Well, in that we'll have to take our villagers from the stone age to the iron age.

March of Empires

The ninth juice on this list is March of Empires . In it we will have to develop our own civilization and build an army to fight against all other civilizations. Choose well your faction among the 3 available, each one includes a series of competitive advantages and weaknesses.

Warcraft III

The tenth game we present to you is Warcraft III . It is one of the classic RTS and one of the most important for the genre together with Age of Empires. You can fight in battles as much as Humans, Orcs, Living Dead or Night Elves, among other races .

Command & Conquer

The next juice we present to you is Command & Conquer . The gameplay of this franchise is very focused on collecting crystals present throughout the map. After collecting them, it is necessary refining them for use and resources during the game. The Missions that help us progress are often to rescue hostages, capture enemy constructions and, of course, eliminate your opponents!

Rise of Nations

The 12th similar game is Rise of Nations . In this game there are 18 civilizations to control in Rise of Nations. All they have unique and exclusive skills, according to the historical references for each one. You can be in charge from the Aztecs to Koreans, through Turks, Greeks, Spaniards, Incas and Romans.

StarCraft II

The next-to-last of the 14 Age of Empire-like games is StarCraft II . StarCraft games were forerunners to many elements of the STRs. The theme is totally futuristic and presents three different races: Protoss, Zergs and Terrans. In the case of StarCraft II, the main story is divided into three chapters, each focusing on one of the three races.

Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth

The last similar game on this list is Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth . There is nothing better than a real-time strategy game to experience the universe of J.R.R. Tolkien. Battle for Middle-Earth contains four well-known factions: Mordor, Isengard, Gondor and Rohan. Also, there can't be any shortage of such iconic Earth characters Media, like Gandalf, Legolas, Galadriel or Sauron.

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