15 Japanese build / build tips in Minecraft

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Looking for some cool and cute Japanese, Chinese, Asian decoration ideas for your build in Minecraft? You'll find it all in this guide. Japanese construction in Minecraft ! If you are building a Japanese village or a Chinese town in Minecraft, here you will find tips and decoration ideas to use to decorate your houses, temples and streets! There are easy to design decoration ideas for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, streets and garden.

Decorate your Japanese Minecraft village with these decoration ideas, a torii, a gong, a bonsai, flowering trees, furniture, a small shrine, screen, flying lantern, a katana, a dragon and more. Light up your Chinese temple with hanging lamp patterns and decorate the streets with pretty plants. Create a Japanese banner for your Minecraft town. Add as many Japanese/Chinese details as possible.

Minecraft: More than 30 Japanese decoration ideas. Source: YouTube
How to make a large Japanese house in Minecraft? Source: YouTube

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