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When we descended into the depths of the Minecraft lands, we brought with us several stacks of torches in order to find our way back to our home. These often posed a problem of quantity or surplus (too much torch kills the torch) forcing us to come to the surface or abandon a stack or two to free up space for more valuable items. Until the day when a smart guy created a mod that replaced our good old torches with lanterns and other luminous objects.


Lanterns Mod Items

Lanters Mod replaces the torches with another light system: the lanterns, the headlamp and the lantern car that will surely make life easier for our dear Minecraft miners. But for the sake of realism, a power source has been added to the lanterns to spice things up a bit. Thus, animal fat, a vial of fat, a vial of organic fat, a vial of lantern oil (also called fuel) and a vial of sugar are added with the mod. All of these items will allow you to make lanterns and headlamps usable.


animal fat

Animal fat will be the basis of this mod. Thanks to it, you will be able to power your lanterns and other Lanterns Mod objects. It is recoverable by cooking animal meat that has already been cooked. Thus, you only need to cook steaks or pork chops to recover animal fat.

animal fat

Once obtained, it will allow you to craft a vial of grease which in turn allows you to craft a vial of lantern oil (fuel).

The vial of fat

By heating this vial of grease, you will obtain the famous vial of lantern oil (fuel) which will be the very essence of your future lanterns and other light sources.

Flask of grease

The vial of lantern oil

Thanks to it, you will finally be able to power your new light sources. All you have to do is make your future lantern.

The vial at the origin of the mod

The lanterns

The lantern will be the body of your light source. It is advisable to make a few so as not to run out during your productions.

One of the particularities of this lantern is that it can be carried on your person, while being switched on or off, but it can also be hung on a support made especially for this purpose. To turn your lantern on or off, just press the right mouse button.

Let there be light !

But it can also be hung on a special support while being switched on or off!

Lanterns extinguished and lit

To make it usable, he must add a vial of lantern oil (one to six).

A lantern full of life

The headlamp

The most attractive object of The Lanterns mod is surely the headlamp which will make you forget about the torches for a good little while. It is usable when equipped by the player instead of the helmet. It can be turned on using your mouse's right-click or a random key (usually the F key).

Headlamp in place of the helmet

Headlamp on

Its craft is quite simple to achieve, namely: a helmet and a lantern will be enough to make one.

Easy as pie

To power the headlamp, all he needs to do is add a lantern or a vial of lantern oil (one to six).

The minecart-lanterns

After the minecart-tnt here is the minecart-lantern which, as its name suggests, is equipped with a lantern. The particularity of this one is that it emits light while passing on redstone rails powered by a redstone torch.

Minecart-lantern on redstone rails

Once out of a redstone source, the light disappears and you are plunged into darkness!

A very dark night!

His craft is very simple to make, you only need a minecart and a lantern.

Craft a minecart-lantern

The support lanterns

The aesthetic side of this mod is that you can hang your lanterns on a specific support.

Left: stand with lantern, right: without lantern

You're going to need a few pieces of wood to make this support and you're done.

Craft you support lantern

How the lanterns work

Like tools in Minecraft, Lanterns are not infinite. It has a limited time use. Thus, the vial of lantern oil allows you to use the lantern or the lantern-front for a certain time. Namely that a vial allows you to use your lantern for 5 minutes and that the maximum is 30 minutes. You will therefore need a total of 6 vials to give the maximum life to your new light sources. Only the minecart-lantern requires a source of redstone to function beautifully. The sugar flask and the bio oil flask are useless in this current version of the mod.


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Installation [spoiler]1. Download the latest version of Forge compatible with your version of Minecraft, and Mod (here 1.5.1)
2. With your extraction software (WinRAR, 7Zip, etc.) open the Forge archive. Keep windows open on your desktop.
3. Locate your minecraft.jar file. The location of this file varies by operating system: Windows : Simultaneously press the keys  +  and type %appdata%. Validate then go to the .minecraft/bin folder.

 Mac OS : The minecraft/bin folder is located in:

User > Library > Application Support.

 Linux : Simultaneously press the keys  +  and type .minecraft/bin. Validate and you will be taken directly to the folder (GNOME only).

4. Open minecraft.jar with your mining software. Restore windows from archives, drag all files from Forge archive into your minecraft.jar

5. Drag the Lanterns Mod file without extracting it into your "mod" folder.

6. Your modded game is ready to use!

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