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Cake is a lie is a mod that adds more fun than useful elements to your game: cakes. Twenty in number, they have different appearances and effects in this second version of the mod, created by Toinane. In addition to these additions, the author has accompanied his mod with a handful of objectives that join those of the base game.

The following set of items can be found in the second page of the creative mode, Cake is a Lie menu. You can also follow the crafting blueprints to reproduce them in survival mode.


classic cakes

Chocolate cake : eaten in six parts which give back three hearts and a bar of hunger each.

Apple cake : eaten in six parts with the same properties as chocolate cake.

Basque cake : eaten in three parts which restore three hunger bars each.

Brownie: eaten in three parts with the same properties as the Basque cake.

Chocolate mousse : eaten in two parts which only give back half a bar of hunger each.

Cookie cake: eaten in six portions for one hunger bar each. It does not feed much but does not require milk (and therefore a bucket).

Watermelon Cake: same properties as cookie cake, but with an added taste of watermelon!

Birthday cake : eaten in six parts and is as nutritious as cookie cake. However, it is surprisingly expensive. The author specifies that it will be special in the next version of the mod.

Nordic Cake: exactly the same properties as cookie cake and birthday cake. Like the latter, it will be special in the next version of Cake is a Lie.

Special cakes

Golden Apple Cake: is eaten in six parts which give back eight and a half hearts as well as a bar of hunger each. Additionally, it gives a regeneration effect for 44 seconds.

Lava cake: eaten in two parts which provide only half a bar of hunger as well as a fire resistance effect for 8 minutes and 20 seconds.

Trapped Cake: is eaten in one part which will be the last of your life (watch out for the explosion).


Poison cake: eaten in six portions that raise your hunger bar by one notch, while poisoning you for 44 seconds.

Redstone Cake: eaten in six parts at the rate of a hunger bar each, in addition to making you nauseous for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Pumpkin Cake : is eaten in six parts which feeds you a notch, regenerates you for 45 seconds and slows you for 50 seconds.

Spicy cake: the exact opposite of pumpkin cake, six slices that feed up a notch, speed up for 45 seconds, and poison for 50 seconds.

Cactus Cake: eaten in six portions which restore one bar of hunger each, but inflict two and a half hearts of damage. Plus, getting too close can hurt your heart.

Ender Cake: can be eaten in six parts for a piece of hunger bar, but eating it will randomly teleport you in a large radius around it!

The little shortbread: one bite that will kick you up a notch. However, you will be forced to spit out some sand.

Star cake: like many others, it is eaten in six parts for a hunger bar and will gain you experience with each consumption.

The Hunger Potion

This potion was created by the author in order to test and present his mod but he decided to leave it in the final version. It allows you to instantly lose five hunger bars (half of the total gauge). It is true that she can come in handy when it comes to forcing herself to eat a special cake to enjoy its effects. Be careful though, it is slightly buggy and will let your hunger bar value drop below zero. Visually no difference, your gauge will be empty, but you will have to eat larger amounts to refill it.


Official Topic
Mod download
Download Forge 1.6.4


The mod is available in part alone as multiplayer. To install it on a server, follow the same steps as for the classic installation but choose the Install Server option once the Forge software has launched.

1. Download the mod and Forge.
2. Launch the file Forge downloaded using Java, and click on Install Client
3. Launch Minecraft once, making sure to select the Forge profile, then close it once the title screen is displayed.
4. Locate your mods folder which is inside the .minecraft folder. The location of this folder varies by operating system:

Windows : Simultaneously press the keys + and type %appdata%. Validate then go to the .minecraft/mods folder.

Mac OS : The minecraft/mods folder is located in:

User > Library > Application Support.

Linux : Simultaneously press the keys + and type .minecraft/mods. Validate and you will be taken directly to the folder (GNOME only).

5. Last but not least, slip the downloaded mod without extracting it in .minecraft/mods.
6. Your modded game is ready to use, but think about select Forge profile !

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