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Single Player Command, or SPC for short, is the mod that increases the possibilities of Minecraft tenfold. With this, in addition to being able to fully control your world, it allows you to move around more easily and use all kinds of commands to make your life easier. Originally SPC was designed to bring very practical commands to single player mode, previously only available in multiplayer and the least we can say is that it has grown a lot since then! Moreover SPC now integrates the WorldEdit plugin which offers even more possibilities (a little less than in multi anyway) but that is not the objective of this article, if you are interested in WorldEdit I advise you to go read this complete tutorial. For the available commands here is a small summary in different categories.

Commands to move

  • ascend : teleports you to the nearest block above your head
  • descend : teleports you to the nearest platform below you
  • fly [speed] : makes you fly, possibly specify a speed
  • goto [name]: go to the specified cue point (see below the command to create a cue point)
  • home : teleports the player to the spawn point
  • jump: teleports you to the point aimed by your pointer (like the left click with the compass of WorldEdit)
  • listwaypoints: gives the list of landmarks created
  • moveplayer [distance] [direction] : moves the player the desired number of blocks in the desired direction
  • rem [name]: removes the specified cue point
  • pos : gives the coordinates of the player
  • return : returns to the player's position before teleporting
  • set [name]: creates a waypoint where you are (use goto to go there afterwards)
  • tele [X] [Y] [Z]: teleports you to the specified x,y and z coordinates
  • useportals : Instantly teleports you to the Nether, take the portal in reverse to return

Commands to cheat

  • achievement [list|unlock] : gives you the list of achievements or unlocks them all
  • damage : activates or deactivates damage on the player
  • defuse [all] : deactivate the tnt activated in the surroundings
  • duplicate [all] : duplicates the selected item or the entire inventory
  • falldamage [on|off] : disable fall damage
  • feed : fills your hunger bar by the desired amount
  • firedamage : activates or deactivates fire damage
  • gamemode : change the game mode directly between creative and survival
  • grow [all] : grow all sprouts (trees and wheat) instantly
  • heal : gives you back the specified number of half-hearts
  • health : changes your life bar between min (half a heart), max and infinity which corresponds to immortal
  • helmet [item] [amount] [damage]: puts you a helmet of the chosen object (a block preferably), you can specify the number and the damage if you want
  • hunger : sets the state of your hunger bar between empty, full and infinite
  • infiniteitems: the items you use are endless
  • instantkill : kill all mobs in one hit regardless of weapon
  • instantmine : break all the blocks in one go whatever the tool (watch out for the bedrock!)
  • item [nom|id] : gives the player the chosen number of the specified item, also works with give
  • itemdamage : the tools never wear out
  • keepitems : you keep your items when you die
  • killnpc [all|monster|animal] : kill mobs around you
  • light : activates permanent lighting, even at night
  • maxstack [name|id|all] [number]: redefines the maximum number of items per stack for a given item or for all
  • noclip : go into noclip mode, you go through all the blocks
  • reach : increases the player's range, allows you to place or destroy blocks from further away
  • refill [all] : complete your inventory with the maximum possible per space
  • repair [all] : repairs the selected item or the entire inventory
  • setjump [height | reset]: increases the height of your jumps, don't forget to turn off fall damage!
  • setspeed [speed|reset]: increases your movement speed
  • spawnportal : spawns a portal to the nether instantly
  • stackcombine : reorganizes the inventory by grouping the items that can be stacked
  • stacklimit [on|off] : enable or disable item stack limits
  • superheat [all] : Instantly turns anything cookable into the cooked version
  • time : allows you to change the time (day, night, …)
  • timeschedule [heure1 | heure2] : defines a period over which time passes (ex: from 14:00 p.m. to 18:00 p.m., at 18:00 p.m. the time will return directly to 14:00 p.m.)
  • water damage : enable or disable water damage
  • weather : change the weather

Commands for fun

  • atlantis : goes into "atlantis" mode, you swim in the air
  • cannon [power]: fires a tnt in the direction you are pointing with some power
  • clone [name] : clone the mob you are looking at the desired number of times
  • confuse [distance] : the mobs around you are confused
  • confusesuicide : the mobs around you are confused and attack each other
  • explode [size] : creates an explosion where you are
  • exterminate : detonate the mob you are aiming at
  • freecam: switch to free camera mode, you can move freely in the map
  • freezecam : the camera remains "locked" to where you are, you can move while seeing yourself!
  • longerlegs : your character can now climb on 1 high blocks without jumping
  • reskin [filename]: change the skin of the mob you are pointing at, for example reskin mob/pig.png will put the pig texture to any mob
  • superpunch [distance|reset] : send the mobs flying with this thunderous punch!
  • skin [name]: change your skin to that of the player you want! (test deadmau5 and Nocth it's the two most interesting)

Other orders

  • biome : tells you which biome you are in
  • chest : depending on the chosen argument you will have either: creation of a chest with your inventory in it, all the contents of the chest come into your inventory, fill the chest to the maximum with your inventory, exchange the contents of the chest and the inventory and the safe is empty
  • clearwater : changes the clarity of the water
  • cyclepainting : the painting you point to moves to the next one
  • drops : disable item drops
  • dropstore: transfer all your inventory to a chest next to it
  • ext [all] : extinguishes the fire located near you or on the whole map
  • flammable [block] [time] [spread]: changes a block's ability to burn, the most useful being the "0 0 block flammable" which causes the block to burn endlessly without the fire spreading
  • grow [all] : grows all the saplings around you or on the whole map
  • instantplant [grow] : saplings that fall to the ground plant instantly and eventually grow directly if you add grow
  • itemnam : give the name and the id of the item in hand
  • kill : just kills you!
  • removedrops [all] : deletes drops located around you or in everyone
  • repeat : redo the last command
  • reset : reset mod preferences
  • search : searches for the exact name of the specified item
  • spawn [amount] : spawns the desired mob
  • spawnstack : spawns a small group of the desired mob a few blocks away from you


List of block and item IDs in the game

Mode freecam + spawn d’enderman et de silverfish+ mode fly

A creeper with a pig skin...

  1. Download the mod here
  2. Open your .minecraft folder then bin then open minecraft.jar with WinRar or 7-Zip
  3. Open the mod with WinRar or 7-Zip
  4. Drag mod content into minecarft.jar except WorldEdit.jar
  5. Delete minecraft.jar META INF folder
  6. Drag WorldEdit.jar directly into your bin folder
  7. Close everything and launch the game!

Authors: simo_415
Download the mod directly: http://bit.ly/puAFb6
Official Topic: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/94310-181-single-player-commands-v2121-new-update/

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