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Instagram is a very popular platform dedicated to photos and videos. The platform keeps adding new features to make it better for users, but it failed to support panoramas, which are in demand these days. Instagram doesn't support panoramas, but you can take panorama photos with third-party apps. Here are the best panorama apps for Instagram in 2021.

  • PanoraSplit
  • Coolgram
  • PanoramaCrop for Instagram
  • Pano Pano
  • Unsquared for Instagram


PanoraSplit is one of the most popular panorama apps for Instagram. The app allows you to divide panoramas into 10 divisions, which will help you achieve a great panoramic effect.

Also, the big advantage of PanoraSplit is that it keeps all the photos in high resolution, which allows for better panoramic shots. PanoraSplit's user interface is also very intuitive, which makes it easy for you to use the application. You can use the PanoraSplit for free, but there are in-app purchases.


Coolgram is arguably one of the best panorama apps for Instagram. The app works great with most photo formats. You can use the Coolgram to turn your photos into 10 square panoramic photos.

Besides that, it also allows you to square your portraits. Also, once the photos are edited, you can post them directly to Instagram from the app. Coolgram is a free to use app, but it comes with ads and optional in-app purchases.

PanoramaCrop for Instagram

PanoramaCrop for Instagram is arguably one of the best panorama apps for Instagram. Like Coolgram, PanoramaCrop for Instagram also lets you turn your regular photos into a panoramic shot.

The advantage of this application is that it guarantees the quality of the photo so that you get a high quality panoramic photo. Also, it supports other Instagram formats that you can use to prepare your photos for Instagram. The PanoramaCrop for Instagram app is free, but it comes with ads and in-app purchases.

Pano Pano

PanoPano is arguably one of the best panorama apps for Instagram users on iPhone. You can use this app to create stunning panoramas for your Instagram followers on the go.

PanoPano precisely divides all photos into 10 squares, making it easy to post to your Instagram. Moreover, the panoramas created are saved in the gallery so that you can access them later. PanoPano is free to use app with in-app purchases.

Unsquared for Instagram

Unsquared for Instagram is arguably the best panorama app for Instagram users on iPhone. The best thing about Unsquared is that it allows you to easily create panoramic photos.

Simply select the photo you want to turn into a panorama, now select the number of squares, and you are ready to turn your photo into a panorama.


In this guide, we have shared top 5 panorama apps for Instagram. We have shared the apps for Android and IOS users so that you can consider the apps according to your smartphone operating system. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments. Also, if you want to know how to turn off comments on Instagram, please check out this guide!

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