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The Spanish series Alta Mar is set in the 1940s, when two sisters meet on a transatlantic cruise ship in which a series of mysterious murders are committed. These two sisters who are like night and day, but inseparable, are going to have to solve these mysteries.

If you are a fan of perfect crimes, or mysteries, you have surely finished the 3 seasons of the series High Sea. That's why Gamerslance presents a list designed by our experts, with 6 series similar to High Sea.

6 series similar to High Sea

From Gamerslance we present you a list designed by our experts, with 6 series similar to the High Sea.

The mess you leave

In the first place we find The Disorder You Leave. Raquel, a young literature teacher, accepts the position of substitute offered to him at the institute in Novariz, the town where his husband. When he arrives he finds out that Elvira, the teacher he's replacing it killed himself. That's what she misses, but things are getting worse when at the end of the class she finds a note in her purse It says, " How long will it take you to kill yourself?

Le Chalet

In the second place of the 6 series similar to the High Sea we find Le Chalet . A group of friends on holiday in a remote chalet in the Alps French people are caught in a death trap when a dark secret of the past comes to light.

The house of miniatures

In third place we find La Casa de las Miniaturas . Amsterdam, 17th century. The young Nella, fatherless and coveted by the debts, agrees to marry Johannes Brandt , a reputed trader, and move into this family's mansion. The husband is filling in for her lack of affection with a mysterious gift: a miniature house that will gradually reveal hidden family secrets, and that will teach Nella, nothing is what it seems at the Brandt residence .


In fourth place on the list of similar series to High Sea is Collateral . Collateral is a 4-chapter mini-series that explores the consequences of a shooting that resulted in the death of a pizza delivery boy. The Detective Kip Glaspie (Mulligan) refuses to accept the murder as a random act of violence, and she's determined to find out if there's darker truth behind.


In the penultimate place of the 7 series similar to High Sea is Curon . Curon is the Italian drama that tells the story of Anna, mother of Mauro and Daria, two teenagers, with whom he decides to return to his hometown in northern Italy, Curon Venosta. But When they arrive in town, Anna magically disappears thus forcing the brothers to begin the search for their mother.

The Sinner

The last series we present to you is The Sinner . A troubled detective returns to his hometown to investigate why a young man murdered his parents . One of the most followed mysteries of Netflix, which has just released its third season and is sweeping the platform among the list of most seen .

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