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Brawl Stars is a freemium online multiplayer mobile game available on Android and IOS, developed by Supercell and released globally in 2018. The demo version of the game was released on 14 June 2017 for Canada only with simple themes and a in the visual section, with a basic control in the game and mechanics simple, while the global version was launched by adding a visual section with more interesting and different details features, which were added to the game on December 12 2018. In 2019, it came out as game of the year.

The main objective of the game is to get as many drinks or trophies, to go up on a trophy trail. The players enter different game modes, with different characters called Brawlers, who fight in line for rank and trophies. Also the players can join clubs with their peers or friends and play games friendly.

7 games similar to Brawl Stars

From Gamerslance we present you a list created by our experts with 7 games similar to Brawl Stars.

Stardust Battle

The first Brawl Star-like game we present to you is Stardust Battle . This game that we present you is a game that today is in beta phase, although we can already enjoy it.

Wild League

The second game we present to you is Wild League . Wild League is less simple than the game of supercell, being able compared to deeper MOBA games in the Mobile Legends style, because we'll have to destroy buildings and we'll have allied troops who will help us eliminate the enemies.

Arena of Arrow

The third game in the list of 7 Brawl Star-like games is Arena of Arrow . This game is probably one of the simplest alternatives at the graphic level and in gameplay, which stands out for having a .io mode and a survive mode.

West Legend

The next game we present to you similar to Brawl Stars is West Legend . This game is very good graphically and also has several game like: Jungle Assault, Train Robbery, Base Occupation Brewery, The Tragedy of the Lost Gems.

Cardboard Clash

The fifth game we present to you is Cardboard Clah . Cardboard Clash that combines the Battle Royale genre with Brawl Stars where we'll have some paper cut-out graphics, which will gives a special touch and like all Brawl Stars games we'll have to shoot enemies, although in this case, trying to become the last survivor.

Storm Arena

The sixth and penultimate similar game we present you is Storm Arena. It is a game with great playability, a good number of characters and modes game that goes way beyond being a copy of Brawl Stars or of the genus.

Super Cats

The last game we present to you is Super Cats . Play with your friend and start an intense game exciting. Enjoy an unexpected thrill with random maps and game modes. Unlock dozens of powerful cats.

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