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Are you looking for games similar to Coin Master? Then you're in exactly the right place. Coin Master is one of the most exciting games currently revolutionizing the Play Store and has received very good reviews on its forums.

If you like Coin Master a lot, Gamerslance has compiled a list of 7 Coin Master like games so you can play similar games that will provide the same excitement as Coin Master.

7 games like Coin Master

From Gamerslance we present you with a list of 7 games similar to Coin Master.

Pirate Master

In the first place we met Pirate Master . If you've ever wanted a pirate diversion similar to the game Coin Master, Pirate Master is the game you should try. Pirate Master is a game for Android developed by CookApps. The features and gameplay are almost identical to Co in Master and Pirate Kings.

Piggy Boom

In second place of the 7 Coin Master-like games is Piggy Boom . Piggy Boom comes from the category of casual games. It is a game for Android developed by Aladin Interactive . It has almost 150 thousand reviews in Google Play Store.

Boom Space

In the third place of similar games to Coin Master we have Boom Space . Boom Space is one of the most exciting games and most similar to Coin Master. The bad thing is that it is only available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad . It is within the categories of adventure, social and multiplayergames.


The fourth game we present to you is Gardenscape . The game 's storyline begins in a garden that is related to the many characters you'll find in the game. The game is designed with unexpected twists and turns.

Pango Land

In the fifth place of 7 similar games to Coin Master is Pongo Land . Pango Land is specially designed for children by Studio Pango and is available on Android phones, but it is paid for. The game includes adorable little animals like the rabbit, squirrel, piggy and pango.

Pirate Kings

In the penultimate place we meet Pirate Kings .The operation of this game is very similar to Coin Master, because you must complete islands, make spins and get coins to compete with your friends.

Coin Boom

In the last place of Coin Master-like games is Coin Boom . The game system of this mobile title does not differ too much of the popular Coin Master, as the goal is to make rolls to obtain coins that will later be used to complete villages.

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