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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a fairly new and explosive game that excites all kinds of players. Plus, Fall Guys is a cooperative, multiplayer party game that mixes a little extravagance and hilarity to create something that will make you laugh out loud every time you play.

The objective of the game is simple: run and win in races on absurdly made tracks, without falling over in the style of the famous Yellow Humor program. If you're tired of Fall Guys or just don't want to buy it at Gamerslance here's a list created by our experts with 7 Fall Guys-like games.

7 games that look like Fall Guys

Here at Gamerslance , we've put together a list of 7 Fall Guy-like games for you to hang out with your friends.


The first game we present to you is Overcooked . It's a cooperative couch game that's based on the kind of chaotic gameplay that is evident in Fall Guys. You and your friends start out as chefs in the Onion Kingdom, whereyou have to save the world with your cooking!

Overcooked 2

The second game in a list of 7 games similar to Overcooked 2 . The Unbread are on the rise, and will take over the world if not for your chaotic culinary frenzy. Players can choose between cooperative or competitive mode to rescue the world from the Unbread.

Secret Neighbor

In the third place we present to you is Secret Neighbor . Secret Neighbor is a suspenseful multiplayer horror game in that a group of children are trying to rescue their friend from the basement of the neighbor.

Human Fall Flat

Just past the halfway point on this list is Human Fall Flat . It can be played by up to 8 players who are stuck in a chaotic and hilarious dream landscape. To escape, you must give turn around your sandbag figures and use the physics of the game to come up with ways to cleverly rescue you.

Golf with your frinds

The fifth game similar to Full Guys to play with your friends is Golf with your frinds . Golf with your Friends launches you and other players into a maze of explosive courses, flooded with obstacles, for you to play golf, which causes a perpetual storm of laughter.

Among Us

In sixth and next-to-last place we find Among Us. You and your friends can play in the local mode or in the online multiplayer. You start out as a crew aboard a spaceship, which must be ready before it can take off. However, there is an impostor hidden among your crew.


The seventh and final game on the list of 7 Fall Guys-like games is Bombergrounds . Bombergrounds: Battle Royale is a free massively multiplayer action game inspired by classic retro bomber games. You are thrown into an island with many other players with one goal in mind: Victory Royale!

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