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Antidisturbio follows six Madridriot police who face a complicated eviction that leads them to be investigated by Internal Affairs. Laia works in Internal Affairs and is obsessed with what happened. He begins to investigate and discovers that the eviction was the tip of an iceberg with much more complex and dangerous plots.

If you have been fascinated by the series in which the internal affairs investigator looks for the tickles of the riot police, and one of the most renowned series in the Spanish audiovisual culture in recent years, from Gamerslance we present you a list designed by our experts about 7 series similar to Antidisturbios.

7 Series similar to Antidisturbios

From Gamerslance we present you with a list designed by our experts of 7 series similar to Anti-riot.


The first alternative we present to you similar to Riot Control is Narcos . The true history of the powerful and violent Colombian cartels serves as a thread in this dramatic series of large realism.

The Unity

The second similar series we present to you is The Unity . Carla, head of the Police Anti-Terrorism Investigation Unit jihadist, stops the world's most wanted leader in one operation, Salah Al Garheeb. But this success causes Spain to put itself in the the spotlight of his followers, led by his son, and who add by the thousands. Many, willing to make an attempt on their lives .

Jack Rayan

The third series similar to Riot Control is Jack Rayan . The series follows Jack Ryan, who in season one is a standout CIA analyst who is assigned to a dangerous field assignment for the first time, as Ryan investigates he soon discovers a pattern of terrorist communication that puts him at the center of a dangerous I play with a new kind of terrorism that threatens to destroy global scale.

True Detective

The fourth series we present to you from the 7 series similar to Riot Control is True Detective. True Detective is a dramatic American television series in the crime genre, the series follows an anthology format, so in each season will tell a different story with a different cast of characters.


The fifth alternative we present to you is Homeland . Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody returns home eight years after his disappearance in Iraq, where he lived in prison and subjected to torture. Young Carrie Mathison, an impulsive and intuitive CIA agent, suspects that Brody has gone over to the enemy during his captivity, since a few months earlier a terrorist sentenced to death had spoke of an American soldier who had changed sides.


The sixth and penultimate alternative we present to you is Banshee . The series is about an ex-con who is willing to do anything to solve his murky past. Lucas Hood's dark life is further complicated when, after leaving prison, he decides to take on the identity of the new sheriff of Banshee, a small town in Pennsylvania that hides more than it seems.

The Paper House

The seventh alternative of the 7 series similar to Anti-riot is The Paper House . An enigmatic character called the Professor plans something big: to take the biggest heist in history. To do so, he recruits a gang of eight people who meet a single requirement, none of whom have anything lose.

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