7 series similar to Breaking Bad

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After turning 50, Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a professor of chemistry teacher at a high school in Albuquerque, New Mexico, learns that he has incurable lung cancer. Married to Skyler (Anna Gunn) and a disabled son (RJ Mitte), the brutal news prompts him to give drastic change to his life: he decides, with the help of a former student (Aaron Paul), manufacture amphetamines and put them on sale.

If you liked the Breaking Bad series or you like the drug series from Gamerslance we present you a list with 7 series similar to Breaking Bad to make you forget about it.

7 series similar to Breaking Bad

From Gamerslance we present you a list with 7 series similar to Breaking Bad.


The first series similar to Breaking Bad is Narco . The true story of Colombia's powerful and violent cartels serves as a thread in this dramatic series of large realism.


The second of seven Breaking Bad-like series is Weeds, set in the fictional Californian city of Agrestic, the tells the story of Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker), a mother of family, whose husband Judah (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) has recently passed away and suddenly , and ends up selling marijuana to his neighbors in the neighborhood residential where he lives in order to maintain the class standard of living high to which she is accustomed.

Peaky Blinders

Third place goes to Peaky Blinders . It's 1919, the Great War is over, but that individual has the gift of frightening any passer-by in his wake. Who is it? what are you so afraid of? Apparently he's looking for a spell, a potion, that guarantee the victory of your racehorse.

El Chapo

In fourth place in a series similar to Breaking Bad is El Chapo . A look at the life of notorious drug lord, El Chapo, from his early days in the 1980s working for the Cartel of Guadalajara, on its arrival to power during the 90s and its fall final in 2016.

Sons of Anarchy

The fifth place of the 7 series similar to Breaking Bad is Sons of Anarchy . Its main character is Jackson "Jax" Teller(Chalie Hunnam - "Sons of men", "Cold Mountain"), a thirty-something who, like the rest of his family, belongs to the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original (SAMCRO in its acronym), a clan formed by ancient Vietnam veterans who deal in everything, especially with weapons sold to rival gangs .


At the penultimate place we met Graceland . He follows a group of agents - from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and U.S. Customs - whose worlds collide as they are forced to live together in a house secret on the beach in Southern California.


The last series similar to Breaking Bad that we present you is Skins . British teenage drama, winner of two BAFTA awards , in which a group of teenagers living in Bristol make their first forays into the chaotic world of adults through sex, drugs, eating disorders and other difficult territories .

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