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Castle is a series about a novelist who joins a New York City detective to to solve a case of one killer emulating another of the same kind, unfortunately the relationship between the two is not the best.

After 8 long seasons Castle ended, leaving behind many cases and murders solved and hooking many people to this kind of series. That's why Gamerslance presents you a list of 7 Castle-like series , so you can watch series similar to our favorite writer's.

7 Castle-like series

From Gamerslance we present you a list with 7 series similar to Castle . So you can watch series similar to our favorite writer.

Last Notice

The series we're opening with is Last Call. It all starts when Agent Westen after a mission in Nigeria will know who's been taken out of service so you'll have to find out who has "betrayed". To do so, he will be accompanied by his ex-girlfriend, a former IRA terrorist.

CSI: Las Vegas

The second Castle-like series is CSI: Las Vegas . The series centers around a group of forensic scientists and criminologists working in the American city of Las Vegas (Nevada), investigating the crimes that take placethere.

Warehouse 13

The third of seven Castle-like series we present to you is Warehouse 13. The series focuses on two federal agents sent to the mysterious Warehouse 13, in South Dakota, where the government keeps, under the most absolute secrecy , all kinds of strange artifacts.

Person of Interest

The series that we find past the equator is Person of Interest . John Reese (J. Caviezel) was a CIA agent who solved personally the most dangerous missions, but now he's a wanderer that has been given to drink. Mr. Finch (M. Emerson), a philanthropist very peculiar millionaire , offers you work in order to create a a society that is very beneficial to both of us morally .


One of the series that cannot be missing from this list is Bones . The series is about a forensic anthropologist and a cocky FBI agent teaming up to investigate the causes of the murders they are investigating.

Veronica Mars

In sixth place we met Veronica Mars. The series shows the life of Veronica Mars,a student who, after the mysterious murder of her best friend, she will have to alternate her studies with working part-time as a private detective at your father.


In seventh and last place we find Perception . Dr. Daniel Pierce is an eccentric neuroscientist who uses his vision unique in reality to help the federal government resolve complex criminal cases.

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