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Aether is a mod for Minecraft adding a new dimension in the clouds. Its main features are large floating islands and aero-cloud formations. The mod adds many new mobs, items, and blocks.


What is the Aether mod?

L'Aether in Minecraft

Dance l’Aether, normal tools have extremely low efficiency, to mine ether blocks you will have to start by using your hands to harvest skyroot logs, it will even be faster than using diamond tools. Normal torches and fire cannot be used in Aether, although water brought from the normal world works correctly. You are therefore limited to the use of objects and tools from the Aether.

When you fall from a flying island, in the classic Aether mod you don't fall into the void but leave the Aether and appear above your home portal in the normal world, in the Aether 2 mod you return to the Outpost. It is possible to avoid dying by falling from the Aether by using objects or creatures specific to this dimension that do not take damage from the fall. Aether can be used for fast travel in the overworld (like in the nether).

There are many "dungeons" (bronze, silver, gold) scattered throughout the Aether. Each of them contains bosses, special creatures and structures. Once the boss(es) have been defeated, there is usually a special reward in a stone chest, which can only be opened with the key that each boss drops after defeating it.

The famous portal in the original version of the Aether mod. Crafting no longer works since Aether II.
  • The bronze keep is the home of the sentries and is guarded by the ominous Slider, a creature born from pure stone. Search for hidden tunnels across the islands and gear up with the best gear you can craft!
  • The Silver Keep is the magnificent temple of the Valkyries. Challenge the Knights of the Order of the Valkyries and, if you are worthy, fight the Queen of the Valkyries herself. Use all possible tools and tricks to defeat this ancient warrior.
  • Within the rare Golden Keep is the Spirit of the Sun, an eternal being of pure fire and energy. He is the God who rules the Sun himself and he will have to be convinced to pay attention to a being like you. But it is said to guard some of the best treasures that exist in the Aether.

Aether 2

The Aether II : Genesis of the Void is the sequel to The Aether, and takes place primarily in the Aether dimension. The mod is a complete overhaul of the original mod and includes a wide variety of exciting new features. Note that The Aether 2 and The Aether are two separate mods and are available for download separately.

Aether 2 The Highlands Update

The Highlands Update is a major update for the Aether II mod. It mainly focuses on adding several new biomes and island terrain generation, but also includes other features such as NPC Angel villages, Moa genetics and more.

Content from mod Aether

The Aether mod is very rich in content. This article is not intended to be exhaustive. To know all the content of the mod, go to the Aether mod wiki and look for what interests you in the "Contents" tab.

The dimension of the Aether

Aether is the main dimension of the Aether mod. Like all dimensions, the Aether can be generated infinitely. Aether portals in the overworld can be used to teleport into the Aether.

How to get into the Aether?

To go into the Aether you need to create an Aether portal, depending on the version of the mod you are playing with there are 2 ways to craft it.

If you're playing with the Aether 2 mod, you'll need to build a Aether Portal with stone and iron shackles. Once the portal is created, place it on the ground and right click on it to enter the Aether:

Aether Portal Crafting

If you play with the classic Aether mod, you must build the portal of the Aether with luminous stone and put water in the middle using a bucket of water:

Portal to the Aether with the old version of the mod.


Aether blocks have many properties. Some blocks, like Quicksoil glass, are transparent. Other blocks emit light, such as Ambrosium Torches. They follow the same rules as blocks in Minecraft: they are all almost a meter high, ignore gravity and have 16×16 textures. Some blocks have unique properties like Candy Cane blocks, which slow the player down when exposed to rain, or have reverse gravity like Gravitite ore.

A preview of blocks from mod Aether

The block categories, based on the Aether's creative menu, are Natural Blocks, Building Blocks, Decorative Blocks, Utility Blocks, Theranic Blocks, and Miscellaneous Section Blocks.


Some Aether items come with a block or entity version of themselves that can be placed in the world. Unlike blocks which use block ids, objects use object ids.


The item categories, based on the Aether Creative menu, are Materials, Food, Consumables, Tools, Weapons, Armor, and Miscellaneous items.


Aether mobs spawn in different ways, depending on light level and other criteria. Many types of creatures often appear in groups of the same species. Creatures cannot spawn on non-opaque blocks, in water (except for aquatic creatures), in lava, or on half-blocks like slabs.

Mobs can also spawn via eggs in Creative mode or via the /summon command.

Mobs have a general behavior similar to players, as they are subject to the laws of physics and can be harmed by many sources of damage that would hurt a player. However, some creatures are immune to damage and/or effects.

You will encounter passive creatures: Aerbunny, Aerwhale, Carrion, Sprout, Kirrid, Glactrix, Glitterwing, and Sheepuff. Neutral creatures: Burrukai, Moa and Taegore. Aggressive mobs: Aechor Plant Cockatrice, Swet, Tempest, Valk and Zephyr. And finally NPCs: Edison, Necromancer, Josediya and the Mysterious Figure.


Biomes are a feature of the Aether II mod. Each biome has its own flora and fauna, and often its own climate and ecosystem. You will therefore find: the Highlands (main biome in which you appear)

Illustrations you against Aether

The first Aether II update – the Highlands update – takes place in the expanded Highlands continent. Familiar and new terrain features along with improved cave structures and generation make the world of Aether more alive than ever.
New combat mechanics specific to Aether II weapons are introduced. Each new weapon deals one of three new damage types. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of creatures and choose the appropriate weapon for battle.
Aether II now features large cave systems to make exploration and mining more engaging! Soon there will even be unique cave creatures that will make exploration riskier! The deeper you go, the higher the risk, but also the greater the reward.
Aether 2 video.

Download Aether and Aether 2

There are two versions of the mod, we recommend you to play on the Aether 2 version because it is much more complete and more blocks and mobs.

  • Download Aether 2 – Latest Version
  • Download Aether 2 - 1.12.2 The Highlands Update
  • Download Aether 2 - 1.7.10
  • All versions of the Aether II mod
  • Download The Aether - Latest version
  • Download The Aether - 1.12.2
  • Download The Aether - 1.7.10
  • All The Aether Versions

Remember to download the correct version of Minecraft Forge and watch our tutorial to install a mod.

If you want to play on a newer version of Minecraft, go through the Aether Reborn mod “Paradise Lost”.

Does Aether exist in Minecraft?

No, Aether is a dimension added by the Aether mod. It does not exist in the Vanilla version of Minecraft without mods.

Why isn't Aether in Minecraft?

The creator of Aether has confirmed that it won't be added to Minecraft Vanilla as Mojang is working to add unique content to the game, rather than stuff that already exists.

How to get out of Aether in Minecraft?

You can exit the Aether through the Aether Portal. However, there is also another way out: by jumping off the flying islands into the void. Instead of falling into the void and dying like in the End, you will arrive in the normal world.

How to access Aether in Minecraft without mods?

It's just impossible to go into the Aether without using a mod.

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