AIO liquid cooler • The best All in one of 2022

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Need a All in one liquid cooler?

Your CPU has an unstable and too high temperature? Fit a good liquid heatsink could be the solution to your problem!

Yet on the market there are many models so: which one to choose?

Don't worry, you've come to the right place: our team will suggest you the best ones AIO liquid coolers for your build.

But first let's see together what are the most important parameters to take into consideration when buying a product of this type.

Without getting lost in further chat, let's immediately see what awaits us!

AIO liquid cooler • The best All in one

As you well know when you buy a processor it will not come in a box heatsink with great performance.

In fact if you have purchased a processor AMD Ryzen or  Intel with unlocked multiplier (for overclocking), the dissipatore stock that will be provided to you will not be able to help you if you want to push yours more CPU.

So what to do?

Why not buy a liquid cooler All in one?

For those who did not know AIO (All-in-one) is an abbreviation that indicates that this type of article is supplied already assembled and does not require particular skill in assembly.

The Allà-in-one moreover, they do not require absolutely any type of maintenance and change of liquid.

Simply once you have assembled it, it will be enough to change the thermal paste every now and then to prevent it from spoiling after too many months and no longer doing its duty.

AIO liquid cooler • How does it work?

How does a AIO liquid cooler and what parts is it made of?

Basically this type of products consist of 3 macro sections that we will now "study" together:

  • Waterblock: it is the block to be placed on the thermal paste and then on the CPU. It works thanks to the thermal conductivity that allows to transfer the heat from the processor to the liquid passing through the tubes. In the AIO often the waterblock it also contains the pump that turns the liquid. In custom systems instead i waterblock they do not perform this function.
  • Radiator: this element performs the same task as any radiator even for cars. Once inside, the liquid will be cooled by the metal rods structure of the radiator which in turn will need the next element to function properly.
  • Fans: finally, to complete everything you need the fans. These will "inject" a flow of air between the fins of the radiator dissipating them and keeping the temperature low in the system.

AIO liquid cooler • How to choose an All-in-one?

Let's see on the basis of which parameters it will now be necessary to launch into AIO liquid cooler market!

Let's see together the most important:

  • Dimensions:: is more of a parameter that affects i air coolers since these, if they are too high, may not enter the case, however it is sometimes necessary to take them into account also for these "liquids". Specifically, what interests us particularly in this case are the dimensions of the radiator.
  • Dimensions of the radiator: through this parameter we will be able to know if ours heatsink of liquid system enter inside our case.
    The standard sizes are 120mm, 240mm, 360, 480mm, but you may also find radiators in the size of 140mm or 280mm etc.
    So what to do?
    Check that in your CASE​ there are slots for fans of the size of the radiator to be able to place it inside.
    In order not to be mistaken, also read our guide on the best gaming houses.
  • Fan dimensions: to properly dispel the heat sink and in order to be mounted on it, the fans must be exactly the same size.
    For example if we buy a 120mm radiator we will need a 120mm fan or if we buy a 240mm one we will need two 120mm fans.
  • Compatibility: this parameter indicates whether the waterblock it may or may not be accommodated on a given socket (structures on which the CPU).
    Therefore, check that the heatsink you want to buy supports the socket of your motherboard.
  • CFM: the following value indicates the quantity that the fans manage to move. It may interest you if you are buying new fans, while if in the bundle of your product are already included then you can use those.
  • RPM: fan rotation speed. The higher it rises, the more noise increases proportionally. It seems good to buy good fans if you want to have one build silent.

Well we have seen together what are the parameters most important to buy a All-in-one heatsink!

Now let's actually devote ourselves to the products and evaluate together which are the best on the market!

AIO liquid cooler • The best All in one

here are the best All-in-one liquid coolers for performance, cost, aesthetics and reliability!

As usual, we have sorted our products in ascending order based on price and performance.

Let's get started right away!

Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite 240

The first liquid cooler that we offer is the Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite 240, a really great AIO economic but that does its job discreetly.

We are facing a product with a value of 50 € which does not excel in performance but can bring you closer to the world of liquid dissipation.

In any case, if you don't have to combine it with a high-end processor, it can be a great compromise for those who want one build minimal but without any frills.

The mounted fans are two Masterfan Pro da 120 mm, a rather basic and economical model, good for home use of the PC, a little less in the case of oveclock.

DeepCool Gammaxx L240 RGB V2

As second best AIO in this 2021 that is coming to an end, we recommend that you take a look at the DeepCool Gammaxx L240 RGB V2.

The new series of heat sinks Deep Cool offers significant improvements over the first version, most important of all a drastic drop in temperatures that places them in an excellent position in the current market.

Again the fans are RGB, perfect if you already have a configuration that can manage the synchronous lighting of the components, while the radiator, as the name suggests, is of the standard size of 240 mm.

Summing up it is a nice product with respectable performance and for the price at which you can find it on Amazon it is practically a best buy.

Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240

Another round, another race for the heat sinks AIO diameter 240 mm with this beautiful Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240.

By now we know Arctic well and we know how good it is at going against the tide.

The series Liquid Freezer it has always been one of the most detailed on the market and the second version maintains past expectations.

A very elegant look, without RGB but it also cuts a bad figure in a high-end configuration.

Among other things, the heatsink has a heat sink a bit unusual for competitors of this size, in fact it is definitely more often, to increase performance despite maintaining a rather sober profile.

Even the pump, in turn, is different from the usual: there are those who may not like it but it is certainly not difficult to distinguish it from the crowd!

SilentiumPC Navis Evo ARGB 360 AIO

We come to the first of the category 360 mm right with the SilentiumPC Navis Evo ARGB 360 AIO, a rather entry level cooler that we have already reviewed here.

Few will probably know the brand Silentium PC and I would not be surprised if you did not even know him, however, you must know that for some years now he has entered the hardware components market with a straight leg with really competitive prices.

Although, as we have already been able to test from our field tests, it is not an extremely efficient heatsink, sometimes a couple of degrees are not worth 150 euros of difference with the most renowned competitors.

If we count that with approx 100 € we have in our hands a sink with 360 mm radiator and three ARGB fans, there is no reason to snub it.

Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360

We go back to the house Arctic with the new one Liquid Freezer II 360, for an AIO really impressive, which takes the characteristics of the little brother and takes them on a larger scale.

As for the 240 mm version, in fact, it has a thicker radiator than usual, which, together with the new proprietary fans, allow you to stay temperature really contained anche in full load.

There is an observation to make about this type of heatsink: if you mount it on top you will have to be careful that the RAM DON'T low profile they could collide!

However, just as mentioned above, it doesn't lose the charm of the total black without lighting, a compromise that keeps the price low but does not affect the performances that are truly incredible for themselves 115 €!

DeepCool Castle 360 RGB V2

The second for the category of 360mm heatsinks is just that DeepCool Castle 360 RGB V2, the top of the range of the Chinese brand.

I have to be honest - I've been considering it for my next build and it's still on Amazon's wish list to this day.

It is a beautiful AIO with 360 mm radiator e RGB fans, as well as the pump, which incorporates a very fascinating design in my opinion.

Even in terms of performance, it is talked about well, so much so that it is compared to well-known brands, which is beneficial to the consumer market.

Lighting is probably another fundamental pillar of this product, as, through the dedicated software you can create beautiful ones light choreography synchronized with the rest of the build, to make friends envious.

Corsair iCUE 150I RGB Pro

First and last product of the house Corsair that you will see in this buying guide is the new one iCUE 150I RGB Pro.

It is probably one of the heaviest heatsinks common that you can find in the configurations of tech youtuber and not by chance.

As Corsair has always accustomed us, this too iCUE 150I RGB Pro it leaves no regrets to those who own it, thanks to its excellent performance but above all to its degree of implementation in a peripheral management system.

Being a product of the new series iCUE, is fully integrated and supported by the software from which you can manage the speed of the fans and the lighting of the pump.

The price, however, is not for everyone: 160 €.

We are however in front of a AIO with 360 mm radiator and three Corsair ML 120 fans, one of the best series of this brand, which obviously raises the overall value.

NZXT Kraken X73 360mm

Another gem that we could not help but recommend is the new one NZXT Kraken X73 360mm, a heatsink with a truly unique design.

If we put testing and performance aside on this product for a moment, I'd say it would be the best cooler to buy for it. 2021 but there is an even better option which I will tell you about later.

Once again we are looking at a heatsink All In One with 360 mm radiator, a gem that has not been out on the market for long, as, for a long time, NZXT she only cared about smaller sizes.

Le performance however I am from very high level and, even if we haven't had the opportunity to try it yet, the web is our friend and we have a concrete idea of ​​what it can offer.

Integrated with the software CAMFurthermore, it allows you to manage the three proprietary fans, excluding the lighting, since this Kraken X73 he is not equipped with it.

All very nice but the price perhaps it is the first obstacle, but for those who have the possibility and want to have the best components, it is certainly a piece to add to the cart.

Cooler Master Master Liquid ML360P

Last, but not least, but for the price, it is the new one Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360P, one of the best heatsinks All in One on the market.

Even if it bears a name similar to the first MasterLiquid analyzed, it has nothing to do with it, neither from the point of view of performance nor for functionality.

First of all you will notice the particularity of being the only product in white version that fits perfectly with the design that you carry around, also you must know that it integrates perfectly with the software owner for the management of the LEDs RGB Addressable.

A controller dedicated for grouping and managing all integrated fans and peripherals to give you the best user experience.

All this, however, has a cost that is not exactly negligible but considering that it aims to be the top of the range di Cooler Master we can give him a justification.

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