Akko Custom Mechanical Keyboard • 3098B Black & Gold Review

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Have you ever heard of custom mechanical keyboards?

If you know the environment, you will not have missed the name of Akko: a brand Japanese that produces custom mechanical keyboards high quality.

Today we have the pleasure of test and review the Akko 3098B Black & Gold: a custom mechanical keyboard with Akko proprietary switch and equipped with connectivity wireless!

Let's find out together the technical specifications of this little gem!

Akko 3098B Black & Gold Review • Technical Specifications

La 3098B of Akko is a keyboard certainly enviable from the point of view of features made available.

The mechanical keyboard can be used on cable or in Bluetooth and wireless mode. We can quickly connect up to 3 Bluetooth devices which will be kept in memory.

Operation wireless it is instead insured by a lowercase USB present in the package, where we clearly also find the instruction manual and keycaps of different colors that can be replaced to give a little life to the keyboard.

La 3098B Black & Gold by Akko has three types of switches selectable on the proprietary site during the purchase: i CS Jelly Pink, the CS Jelly White and of CS jelly Blue.

We have tried the keyboard with Switches CS Jelly White which are the fastest listed as well as clearly with linear technology and without shooting.

Below you can find information about the Jelly White, which have fully met our expectations and are also excellent for Gaming and not just for diversified use as we would have expected.

Type of switchCS Jelly Pink, CS Jelly White, CS jelly Blue (Akko owners)
Key actuation force35g (TTC Silent Red)
Button travel4.0 mm (TTC Silent Red)
Key actuation point1.9 mm (TTC Silent Red)
Materiale KeycapsPBT
Information about the type of switches installed

Le macro they can only be programmed in a wired connection and can subsequently also be used wirelessly.

La custom mechanical keyboard is equipped with RGB backlight which can be adjusted by key combination or by using the software. We will come back to these details in more depth later.

Weight/size1.1 kg
Dimensions:382 x 134 x 40 mm
Connection technologiesWireless, Bluetooth 5.0/4.0, Cavo
Battery capacity3000 mAh
Akko 3098B Black & Gold information

As for dimensions la keyboard it is quite contained: there are no wasted spaces and the armor is absolutely reduced to the bare minimum.

Il software as indeed the whole keyboard, it is compatible with both Windows than with Mac. On the back of the keyboard there is a small switch that allows you to switch from Mac mode to USB and finally to Windows.9o

Il purchase price hovers around i dollars 109 approximately, a very honest figure as we will see, for what is offered by the company.

Akko 3098B Black & Gold Review • User experience

The only stumbling block I found in this one Akko 3098B it is definitely the experience of use for us Spanish writers and gamers.

Clearly not one being available Spanish layout we are forced to take a few steps back, not having the accented letters, sending larger sizes and a few keys on the right in a slightly different position than usual.

La custom mechanical keyboard it has a numeric keypad, but it has a reduced form factor, not of 100%.

What certainly appears relevant is that, as for someone like me who is used to keyboards with Spanish layout, it can be tiring to deal with this product.

THEuser experience would also be positive, since as we will see the software is truly a gem, the build quality is flawless and the wireless functions also make it convenient for transport.

However, I struggle to use it because of a layout I'm not used to, and I think this can be true for many people.

Usage is definitely preferable for writing that for Gaming despite the Jelly White.

This is one keyboard which offers a lot from an aesthetic, functional and qualitative point of view, but if we are interested in a gaming keyboard, perhaps it would be better to aim for classic commercial keyboards.

This is how much more a piece of art to keep on your desk! If we are aggressive gamers, maybe we should aim for something else!

Akko 3098B Black & Gold Review • Design, ergonomics and build quality

As previously mentioned the 3098B Black&Gold di Akko it has a truly unbeatable aesthetic.

All products Akko they are treated in detail both from an aesthetic point of view and as regards quality control.

I used materials I am absolutely premium, starting for example fromkeyboard armor which is incredibly resistant.

Applying almost all my strength I could not flex it even in the slightest part.

I keycaps in PBT return a feedback extremely pleasant to the touch and pressure. These are also made with the highest quality materials.

Il connection cable is a negative point: we would have expected a sleeved cable and instead it is in simple rubber.

Un sleeved cable would have added so much from an aesthetic point of view to this product that aims for the best.

La backlight although it is not as strong as the one we find on the most common commercial keyboards does its part and contributes to offering a pleasant view to those who use the product.

As for ergonomics it is important to underline that the keyboard does not have any type of palm rest, so if we want it we will have to buy it separately.

THEergonomics is certainly well thought out: we can set the keyboard on two levels of elevation through the rear levers (one higher and one lower).

Furthermore, the key feedback, the quality of the same, contribute in offering unprecedented ergonomics to the product.

Perhaps the only flaw: the layout EN it could also complicate life from an ergonomic point of view for some users (me for example), when pressing keys with accented letters or for those who usually search for sending blindly as it is much more cumbersome in IT layout keyboards than in EN ones .

Akko 3098B Black & Gold Review • Software and backlight

Il Akko software is available for Windows and Mac and it is one of the few software from emerging or otherwise not very famous brands that we fully appreciated.

Il softtware is nice and functional. It is divided into different tabs and allows you to manage each detail of the product respectively: lighting, key functions, macro, firmware update and software update.

The only flaw: the software recognizes the keyboard only if connected via cable.

We have indeed attempted to connect the keyboard wirelessly but this was not recognized by the program.

It is therefore evident how for to set the keyboard it must be done in cable mode. The information will then be stored and we will be able to use the various profiles, plays of light and macros, even in wireless or bluetooth mode.

This is a flaw that we would like to see improved in future products, with the ability to check the Akko even when wirelessly.

As regards the backlight: this is clearly available in a disproportionate number of plays of light.

We will certainly not be here to list which types of light effects can be applied, but I assure you that there are galore.

To find out in more detail how the keyboard with the backlight on, I suggest you take a look at our video review.

La backlight it is powerful enough to allow clearer key reading at night. It is also true that the keys do not have transparent letters and consequently they do not read as well as on the most common commercial keyboards.

It would be great to have gods too keycaps with transparent letters in the future in other models. This solution, which seems to have not yet been adopted by Akko for the vast majority of the articles we see on the site.

La backlight however helps in reading, however, it is certainly not as invasive as we find in commercial keyboard models.

Clearly this can be adjusted via software or even via a combination of keys, as indeed almost everything.

Akko 3098B Black & Gold Review • Conclusion

La Akko 3098B Black&Gold it's a custom mechanical keyboard model certainly limited edition. It will be difficult to find it on the company's website for more than a few weeks.

Actually a little bit of all products Akko they go sold out quite easily, due to the high demand and fame that this brand boasts in the world of tatiere meccaniche.

If you are interested assemble a mechanical keyboard from scratch know that on the Akko site find any component you may need to install: the metal armor on which to build your keyboard, switches, keycaps and everything else!

But know that if you want assemble a custom keyboard the cost will be much higher than buying one common commercial keyboard or even simply of Akko pre-assembled present on the site.

Regarding this 3098B Black&Gold we have already talked about it far and wide. The judgment is certainly positive, and I believe it can be for every product of Akko more generally, otherwise this brand would not boast a certain reputation.

La Akko 3098B is a custom mechanical keyboard from the very high potential, the flaws in fact are just two or three, while the pros are really many.

Il rapporto qualità / prezzo it is unprecedented and can put a lot of commercial keyboards in trouble that suffer in so many ways when compared to this one Akko.

Recommended for those who want a high-end product on their desk and have no budget problems.

Not recommended for more aggressive gamers and for those who suffer a lot from the absence of a Spanish layout.

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