Antec Neo ECO GOLD ZEN • Review + Power supply test

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THEANTEC Neo ECO Gold ZEN it's a power supply with efficiency 80 plus gold which was recently provided to us by the manufacturer, for the testing and review.

You can find out all the details in the following paragraphs.

If you want to discover more closely theAntec Neo ECO GOLD Zen da 700W you can see ours Video-Review!

Antec Neo ECO GOLD ZEN 700W • Technical specifications

THEAntec Neo ECO GOLD ZEN da 700W is a power supply with efficiency 80 plus gold, not modular and with a variable price around 100 €.

The device is equipped with 5 years of Antec official guarantee.

The box is simple but does its scenic part; inside we find only the PSU with the respective power connection cable and clamps.

In the amperometric table placed on the back of the power supply we find the basic information about the power distribution on the rail da 12V, 5V e 3.3 V.

From these it appears that the distribution is well balanced, with 58 Ampere on 12V which imply a total of 696 Watts su 700W indicated on the label, which therefore already bode well.

Not being a modular power supply has all the fixed cables non-removable factory fitted.

Non modular cablesNumber
20 – + – ATX a 4 pin1
EPS a 4/8 pin1
PCIe a 6 + 2 pin4

This is certainly a negative point for the product, which however could have a different market strategy, so let's not rush to judgments.

THEAntec Neo ECO GOLD ZEN is available in power cuts from 500W, 600W e 700W.

Antec Neo ECO GOLD ZEN 700W • Internal components

Antec Neo ECO GOLD ZEN 700W • Internal components

THEAntec Neo ECO GOLD ZEN is based on a non-proprietary platform of Antec ma Andyson.

The structure provides a Half-bridge with LLC resonant circuit and a converter DC-DC for minor rails on the secondary.

As we all know by now, the first point of the chain is the ellipse red which is the one indicating the phase of filtering, which takes place through the supplement of the traditional ones condenser X ed Y.

First stage: filtering

This is followed by the bridge, connected to the heat sink and theAPFC, until you get to condenser to the primary which is Japanese: a Nippon Chemi-Con rated at 420v, 470uF up to 105 ° C temperature.

Primary Japanese Capacitor: Nippon Chemi-Con 420v, 470uF, 105 ° C.

We then move on to the secondary where we find capacitors Teabo, slightly inferior to the primary, but still respectable.

Also in the secondary we find a small heatsink for MOSFETS area of 12v and then the converter DC-DC plus a large cluster of cables that leaves something to be desired.

In fact, we see some capacitors sacrificed from space and a little crushed by the cables. Although visually it is not the best, this does not cause any functional problems.

Platform in general that seems stable, not very spacious as it lacks modularity, but certainly of respectable quality.

All that remains is to check the load and voltage quality test to confirm what has been said.

Antec Neo ECO GOLD ZEN 700W • Energy efficiency

THEefficiency of this Antec Neo ECO GOLD ZEN 700W is indicated 80 plus gold label.

Even from the tests we have had the opportunity to carry out we have been able to see exactly how the PSU is fully within the specifications.

Antec Neo ECO GOLD ZEN 700W • Test

As regards the load test and those of the quality of the output voltage we have confirmation that theAntec Neo ECO GOLD ZEN is an absolutely worthy power supply.

Obviously the device fully complies with the ATX specifications.

Linear load in DC+ 3.3 V+ 5 V+ 12 V
∓70 W (10%)3.334.9712.05
∓175 W (25%)3.334.9712.08
∓350 W (50%)3.335.061212
∓525 W (75%)3.184.8912.16
∓700 W (100%)3.124.8312.18
Linear load test of‘Antec NEO Eco Gold Zen da 700W

In the tests of the quality of the output voltage there is some ripple higher than what we would have expected.

Certainly nothing particularly alarming, but we have seen that other competitors' products do better.

Ripple in mV+ 3.3 V+ 5 V+ 12 V
∓70 W (10%)202020
∓175 W (25%)202525
∓350 W (50%)253025
∓525 W (75%)253025
∓700 W (100%)253555
Ripple test in the output voltage of the‘Antec NEO Eco Gold Zen da 700W

Antec Neo ECO GOLD ZEN 700W • Final considerations

THEAntec Neo ECO GOLD ZEN 700W is an 80 plus gold power supply non modular with balanced performance.

Its problem is probably the price, which on the 700W version is close to i 100 €, a range where it is easy to find very valid alternatives that can certainly intimidate this product.

Another flaw of which it is certainly impossible not to mention is that of fixed cables, which nowadays constitute a marginal case on products of this figure.

At almost the same price we can in fact buy a Sharkoon Silentstorm Cool Zero or a classic Seasonic Focus Gold, which have better components and the useful function of modularity.

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