Arctic Freezer 50 • Review of the RGB air cooler

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Tech enthusiasts will surely know Arctic, a well-known brand that has managed to make its way into the market for the dissipation of hardware components.

Today we present to you one of the new releases regarding the sector of air coolers which seeks to position itself as the top of the range in its range.

Arctic Freezer 50 • Technical specifications

THEArctic Freezer 50 is a two tower air cooler, with sei heatpipes cooled through two fans, one of 120mm and the other 140mm.

The ambiguous pairing of the different fans is actually aimed at favoring theairflow in a configuration of type push pull maintaining functional efficiency and a certain silence.

Pre-installed fans: 1 x 120mm + 1 x 140mmHub: /
Fan mode: PWMDimensions: × × 148 149,5 166 mm
RAM space: 37,5 mmfan speed: 200 - 1800 rpm
AMD Sockets: AM4Intel Sockets: 1200, 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 2011-3, 2066

Like all new releases, this too Freezer 50 could not omit the presence of such lighting ARGB, made possible by a controller (supplied only in the larger version) but superfluous if the mobo supports ARGB technology.

The price of this Arctic Freezer is probably a wink to noble brands such as Noctua or Deepcool, as it places itself below 60 euros, a really competitive price.

Arctic Freezer 50 • Test and performance

Turning to performance, this Freezer 50 did not surprise, it remains anyway discrete in its complexity also compared with the other dissipators of this tranche.

From the graph you can see that it did not shine when compared with the two competitors, the Noctua NH-D15 and the Deepcool Assassin 3.

A little 'we expected it, after all it differs from the two giants by a substantial difference of about 30 euros, half the price of the Arctic itself.

Discreet the result in idle, in which it totals 33,5%, a little less the full load performances that rise to 73,5% of average.

In fact, if we compare it for example with the SilentiumPc Grandis 3 EVO ARGB, theArtic performance meno. It is important to underline that the two products are in the same price range. The difference in cost is very subtle.

I remember that all the results were observed on one stress test 10 minutes on AIDA 64 Extreme, always using the same components and always the same thermal paste in order to avoid inconsistencies.

Idle temperature graph
Grafico temperature in full load

The recorded temperatures do not represent respectively the minimum and the maximum but rather a neighborhood of them: an average of the values ​​recorded in the time fragment was plotted and the data was obtained.

Arctic Freezer 50 • Montaggio

Il mounting it was quite simple e fast, the instructions are as always clear and well detailed as Arctic has always accustomed us, guaranteeing an excellent user experience.

A little less flawless was the structural design of the heatsink as it is complicated to obtain some space to allocate banks RAM, despite having Crucial Ballistix installed, not really high-profile RAMs.

Arctic Freezer 50 • Appearance and materials

The aesthetic aspect is certainly one of the strong points of this Freezer 50, certainly thanks to the ARGB features but also thanks to the design captivating but elegant at the same time.

As already mentioned, a controller for scenes ARGB, very nice, appreciable the thought but becomes useless if the motherboard natively supports the technology for synchronous lighting.

The covers are constructed of plastic ottima qualità, opaque black in color, not letting a cheap feeling shine through, neither to the touch nor to the sight.

So also i materials metal radiator, the heatpipes, the mount are well made and the same goes for the fans, product for which Arctic boasts amanufacturing excellence and functional, which are powerful and silent.

Arctic Freezer 50 • Conclusions

In conclusion the review of this Arctic Freezer 50 it's positive, I really enjoyed testing this cooler and thank you Arctic for providing us with a sample that we can present to you.

Too bad for the little one design defect which can complicate the assembly in case of using RAM slightly oversized, however with a little foresight you can overcome the problem.

With regard to performance, as already mentioned, they are decent but not excellent, in fact, a few points are lost compared to other competing products in the same price range.

In my opinion therefore it is a valid product, great for almost everyone's pockets and potentially attractive in any configuration of last generation.

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