AVM Fritz Review! Powerline 1260E Kit • Fast connection throughout the house!

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Il Home Wi-Fi can't reach all the rooms? You have signal loss and are unable to make the most of yours connection?

Well, probably the kit in Powerline at AVM Fritz! will do for you if your house is quite extended or divided into several floors!

Never heard of these new technology Powerline? In fact, they are able to transfer data using the domestic electricity network, allowing them to carry Internet even where you thought there was no hope.

Although it is still an under-exploited technology, it has been at stake in the sector for several years now connessioni.

So today let's go and see together what this is kit di powerline AVM Fritz! 1260E manages to make us available!

AVM Fritz Review! Powerline 1260E Kit • Fast connection throughout the house!

Il kit di Powerline AVM Fritz! 1260E represents by far one of the best solutions for extend both wired and wireless connection!

In fact, in addition to allowing cable connection like all municipalities powerline this also allows you to create an access point for one Wifi connection.

The device is suitable for both common daily home use and for gaming, where it proves up to the role by not losing performance compared to a standard cable.

In fact, discover the results of the tests carried out with Ethernet e powerline on our video review that you find exactly below:

AVM Fritz Review! Powerline 1260E Kit • Technical Specifications

Now let's move on to the details about the technical specifications of this kits on powerline:

  • dam per type di spina F (Schuko, CEE 7/4)
  • Wireless AC (fino a 866 Mbit/s lordi, 5 GHz) e N (fino a 400 Mbit/s lordi, 2,4 GHz).
  • 1 porte LAN gigabit (10/100/1000 Base-T, presa RJ45).
  • Wi-Fi 5 (up to 866 Mbit / s gross; 5 GHz) and 4 (up to 400 Mbit / s gross; 2,4 GHz)
  • Dual Wi-Fi: Simultaneous use of the 5 and 2,4 GHz bands
  • Extend your home network with Wi-Fi Mesh by simply combining multiple Wi-Fi access points into one smart system (starting with FRITZ! OS 6.90).
  • compatible with Wi-Fi 802.11g, b ed a (11, 54, 150, 300 Mbit/s)
  • dimensioni (L x A x P): 67 x 132 x 32 mm
  • weight: approx. 200g each adapter
  • compatible with 1.200, 600, 500 and 200 Mbit / s Powerline adapters and IEEE P1901 standard and HomePlug AV2, can be used in conjunction with older Powerline adapters

AVM Fritz Review! Powerline 1260E Kit • How does it work?

The product is extremely simple and intuitive: it is in fact designed to be ready for use.

I powerline devices they are indeed plug & play. What does it mean?

Simply connect the first powerline device to our main modem or router press the “connect” button and then do the same with the secondary device (the one where we intend to establish the connection) and the two will automatically align.

Once the two are connected powerline 1260E they will also allow us to extend the reach of ours Wi-Fi: as already mentioned in fact these devices do not only carry the cable connection.

You can also create a comfortable one rete Wi-Fi Mesh if you have the right branded devices AVM Fritz! such as the Fritz! Box 4040 that we reviewed a few weeks ago!

Once installed the two devices will work at full capacity without the need for any configuration.

You want to connect your mobile phone or notebook to the wireless connection provided by yours AVM Fritz! Powerline 1260E? It's very simple: you find the password exactly behind the wall adapter.

Do you want change the password of the Powerline Fritz! 1260E? Well, download the official program Fritz! Powerline from the official website or if you have a Fritz! Box modem you can check everything from there!

AVM Fritz Review! Powerline 1260E Kit • General considerations

Il Powerline Fritz! 1260E is a cutting-edge product: fast, safe and simple!

However, it presents a sensibly important cost that probably not everyone is willing to face.

However, there is always something to remember how Fritz is the most reliable brand ever, with the best support and with the most outstanding products in the field of home connections for a decade now.

Buy a article AVM Fritz! it really means sleeping soundly and being sure you have the best in your hands!

You can find other devices that perform the same functions even at half the price, but as far as I'm concerned, Shopping Mall it represents a certainty that I am not willing to give up!

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