Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4 • Review: Attack on Titan!

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The review of the Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4 could not miss among those of the dissipators seen on our portal. Together with the Noctua NH-D15 and the DeepCool Assassin III it is one of the best coolers on the market!

A truly generous size heatsink whose performance is designed for extreme workloads up to 250 watts: as you will soon see almost able to stand up to even the best liquid coolers.

So dive into this review with us to find out if this beast can keep your runaway CPU at bay!

  • Box contents and assembly
  • Specifications
  • Test & performance
  • General consideration

Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4 Review • Box and assembly contents

Also the box wants its part: the heatsink Be Quiet comes with a series of accessories, starting with the excellent screwdriver long to be able to fix it on the CPU.

In the package you will find i instruction manuals in several languages ​​(alas, there is no Spanish), two envelopes with i mounting kit for carefully divided AMD and Intel sockets, a tube of thermal paste sufficient for one or two installations and clip for the fans you will need for the central one and possibly for a third suction fan.

Mounting the air cooler is a bit complicated if you have the motherboard in the case: you will have to disassemble the video card to insert the second fan and do some stunts to fix the heatsink to its kit.

No problem to detect instead if you took it for the build you have yet to build: that's enough prepare first the motherboard!

One thing that impressed us about the air cooler is there tolerance of the RAM which is usually the weak point of these heatsinks gargantuan: our build's 42mm HyperX Fury didn't force us to raise the front fan as is usually done.

Other point a favor CPU cooler is that like many coolers compatible with AM4 just use the backplate standard of AMD for installation, without needing to change it.

But now we come to the part that perhaps interests you the most: the characteristics and performance of this monster!

Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4 Review • Technical Specifications

Il Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 it is a high-end model and can be purchased for between 80 euros new and 65/70 with i Warehouse Deals.

We are not surprised to find it often in the section used from Amazon: there will probably be someone who buys it without taking the measurements of the case well! The air cooler is indeed high 16,3 cm and wide 14,6, for a weight of 1,13 chili!

The Dark Rock Pro 4 has 7 heathpipes that are divided between two dissipating towers and comes with a 120 mm and a central one from 135 mm who work among the 1200 and RPM 1500.

One thing we didn't like very much is that i anti-vibration pad I'm not on fans, but on the heatsink air itself: if unfortunately they should come unstuck, it will touch you reincollarli.

However it must be said that they do their job: even setting the speed of the fans at 100 percent are practically inaudible.

And the aesthetics? Well, we find that even without LEDs or frills this CPU cooler be it simply very beautifull, with the plate placed at the top glazed "in ceramic" which gives it a sober but very aggressive look!

Height (without and with fan)163 mm - 163 mm
Width (without and with fan)136 mm - 136 mm
Depth (without and with fan)119 mm - 146 mm
Socket compatibilityIntel LGA1700, LGA1200, LGA2066, LGA1150, LGA1151, LGA1155, LGA2011(-3) Square ILM, AMD AM4
MaterialsCopper (base and heatpipes), aluminum (cooling fins), welded joints and nickel plating, ceramic coating of the plate
Fans (included)Be Quiet! Silent Wings 3 120mm e 135mm.
Min-max fan speed500 RPM – 1500 RPM
Warranty3 years
Dark Rock Pro 4 technical specifications

Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4 Review • Test & performance

We come to the fundamental question: how performa this CPU air cooler? We have to answer: perfectly in line with the price that has.

Its size enormous make it specifically designed to keep high-end, overclocked AMD and Intel processors at bay.

To make a correct review of the Dark Rock Pro 4 we then opened the side panel of our case, with a build that mounts a processor AMD Ryzen 7 3700x, and subtracted the ambient temperature from the temperature obtained.

Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4 • Stress test

The performances are very respectable, considering that in a stress test carried out with AIDA64 Extreme it is positioned slightly in front of the Deepcool Assassin III and 2 degrees off the Noctua NH-D15. In the graph we have put it right in comparison with its direct competitors, in yellow.

Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4 • Comparison with other coolers

All in all we can to advise if you are a freak of coolness and above all of noise, otherwise you can safely take an Arctic Freezer 34 Esports Duo, which has a remarkable value for money at the expense of some decibel plus when pushing the CPU.

There is no history instead when compared to Noctua NH-D15 which costs 20 euros more and performs slightly worse, while there is a certain challenge with the DeepCool Assassin III, which is in the same price range.

We can say that this air cooler fully achieves its goal: to keep i at bay processors more runaway guaranteeing stability and preventing thermal trotthling.

As we wrote earlier there is a certain degree of challenge with the DeepCool Assassin III, which is practically in the same price range, for which we basically advise you to evaluate theaesthetics and the tolerance of RAM!

Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4 Review • General considerations

Despite being on the market for some years now, the Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4 subtract a heatsink per CPU straordinario, both like performance That like rapporto qualità / prezzo.

It almost touches the cooling of a liquid heatsink, like the Be Quiet Silent Loop 2 360mm, costing practically half! Obviously at the price of dimensions very relevant but for the benefit of greater noise compared to liquid coolers or cheaper air coolers.

Furthermore, the air coolers they can virtually last for decades, as opposed to all in one where sooner or later the pump or it will evaporate coolant: it's a great solution if you want a future proof heatsink.

We are really satisfied with this product top of the range designed for desktop PCs high-end and for those who don't want to hear a fly fly while plays. There is a few very small burrs, but completely passable in front of the performance that this offers.

If you plan to create one build very respectable with processore high end We recommend that you take a look at our guide on the best PC cases to evaluate which one this beast might fit into.

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