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In the second quarter of 2021 Be quiet presented a new series of pc power supplies with an efficiency 80 plus gold up to powers of 750 watts.

We just have to discover every detail of this together PSU first passing as always for the technical specifications and then turning to the internal analysis of the components plus the load tests.

Be quiet Pure power 11 550W FM • Specifiche tecniche

As we have already anticipated, this particular version of the Be Quiet pc power supplies it is available in models up to a rated power of 750 Watts.

The sample we tested has a power of 550W and is the cheapest model of the series.

- Pure Power FM power supplies di Be Quiet they are all modular and efficient 80 plus gold.

Alternatively we find the variants in version CM (semi-modular) or version Pure power smooth which does not require any modularity.

The version from 550W you can buy it on amazon spain at approx 90 €, which is certainly a not indifferent price for a product with these specifications.

In fact, there is no shortage PSU competitors with the same efficiency and higher wattages for the same price.

Modular cablesNumber
ATX 24 pin1 (550mm)
PCIe 6+2 pin2 (500+500 mm)
SATA3 (500+150+150+150 mm)
EPS/ATX12V1 (600 mm)
ATX 12V 4+4 pin1 (600 mm)
Cables included in the package and relative lengths

The very quiet fan installed in the power supply is one Silent Wing da 120 mm with 4-pole motor and maximum speed of RPM 1800.

be quiet certifies a noise level of just 18 dB (A) al 100% load.

THEpower supply comes with a 5-year official Be quiet guarantee and all main protections that a reliable PSU should own.

Be quiet Pure power 11 550W FM • Componentistica interna

Let's now pass to the internal components of this Be Quiet Pure Power 11 da 550 Watts.

It is clear how this should differ from the cheaper non-modular or semi-modular models.

The first part that we deal with is clearly that of the filter (purple circle at the top left): in this the protagonists are the rather standard X and Y capacitors, fuses, coils and a MOV.

All these devices are in charge of preventing any damage from the external network. The filter is very well done.

Il PCB è spacious and well ventilated,OEM of the platform is CWT even if we see the brand Be Quiet printed above.

Il bridge rectifier (above the green circle) is a GBJ1506 single, dissipated by a good sized heatsink.

Subsequently (always above the green circle) other devices appear including a protection thermistor, a relay, and an inductance.

A "close-up" of the EMI filter

Heading towards the two primary capacitors let's find out how they are gods Teapo calibrated respectively at 400V, 270 µF and 85 ° e 400V, 220 µF ed 85°.

I Teapo are Taiwanese and non-Japanese capacitors therefore, although good, not the first but the second choice. Especially those in question that are not calibrated at 105 ° as we now see almost everywhere.

“Close-up” of the APFC and related MOSFETS

Something better could certainly have been done for the primary capacitors.

THEAPFC is active and is managed by a specific controller. THE MOSFETS are clearly dissipated and the same goes for the controller Champion CM6500UNX.

In the orange circle we find i instead Primary MOSFETs, which are ON Semiconductor NTMFS5C430N.

Having this platform a Half-bridge topology for the primary, after being generated by the MOSFETS the current will be perfected from controller LLC Champion CU6901VAC that subsequently the supply to the main transformer (white circle).

"Close-up" of the DC-DC module and secondary capacitors (in dim light)

In red circle we see the DC-DC module which derives the lower voltages of 3,3V and 5V starting from that of 12V.

Put your secondary capacitors are Teapo ed Elite, also this choice questionable but at least reasonable (Some present in the blue circle, others to the left of the DC-DC).

The low blow was the choice of the second class especially in the primary, considering the market figure of the Pure Power 11 FM. Taiwanese capacitors in the secondary are a pretty standard move on mid-range models like the following.

Be quiet Pure power 11 550W FM • Test

Although we did not like the choice of capacitors in this device, come on load test and those on noise however, we have had the opportunity to verify how the platform, albeit with some sacrifices, does its duty.

Le tensions are very faithful also even in rather marked overload.

Linear load in DC+ 3.3 V+ 5 V+ 12 V
∓100 +50 W (10%)3.215.0312.06
∓250 + 50 W (25%)3.225.0411.97
∓550 + 50 W (50%)3.235.0611.88
∓750 + 50 W (Overload)3.235.0611.80
Test in carico lineare del Be quiet Pure power 11 550W FM

Also with regard to the ripple we recorded excellent values.

Ripple in mV+ 3.3 V+ 5 V+ 12 V
∓100 +50 W (10%)101020
∓250 + 50 W (25%)102015
∓550 + 50 W (50%)102015
∓750 + 50 W (Overload)Not testedNot testedNot tested
Be quiet Pure power 11 550W FM output voltage ripple test

However, these optimal results are due to the choices of the engineers Be Quiet, that although they have a little underestimated i capacitors, however, have chosen some of the controllers, MOSFETS and diodes best around.

In doing so, the product has at least from a purely functional and practical point of view dealt with the shortcomings that had been highlighted by the technical analysis.

It goes without saying that despite thePower supply was fully loaded, fan be quiet it remained almost imperceptible. This is now one of the strong points of the company.

Be quiet Pure power 11 550W FM • Final thoughts

Il be quiet Pure Power 11 FM in its 550W, 650W and 750W versions it represents an interesting opening for those who want a full modular power supply for your pc.

The weak point, besides the already highlighted non-brilliant technical analysis, is the price.

It is in fact difficult to be able to recommend this product (for example in its version from 550W to 90 euros), when we have mid-range models on the market such as the Sharkoon Silentstorm Cool Zero which, for the same price, offers good build quality and 100W in more power.

The same goes for theAntec HCG that just 10 euro more, offers better value for money.

Il Be Quiet Pure Power 11 FM it remains a good power supply, which could have done more on the capacitors used and the price.

We always remind our readers that our reference for prices is Amazon Spain and that these can also have considerable fluctuations over time.

Considerations are made on the price that is displayed at the time of writing the review.

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