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1and1 is a German telecommunications company that was founded in 1988.

In Spain it is known for its web site creation, web hosting and email services.

It allows you to choose different templates, images, videos, thought for all sectors. It also contains different prices and rates to create your website.

A great advantage that 1and1 has over other servers is that while you are creating your website, there is the option of having an online visitor's card so that visitors have, at least, your contact details.

Although the platform is popular in the server world, there are also other alternatives similar to 1and1 that allow you to create and personalize your own web pages. That's why we at AltenWorld are going to present you with the best alternatives to 1and1.

What are the problems with 1and1?

Many users are looking for alternatives to 1and1, but do you know why? Below, we are going to mention the most common cons of this platform.

  • You can't try it without subscribing

  • Unsubscribing is very complicated

  • Can't support much traffic to the web

If you have had any experience with 1and1 you are likely to be somewhat familiar with these problems. If you want to change platforms, AlterWorld has a list of the best alternatives to 1and1.


We start with one of the simplest and most popular alternatives: Webnode. This is a page creator with different designs and templates that can be adapted to your needs, whether you want to create a personal website, for your company or for your business.

It is ideal for those users who do not have much knowledge in programming. It also stands out for being an economical and stable alternative.

Advantages of Webnode

  • Very economical

  • Beautiful range of templates

  • Customizable designs

Opinions from Webnode [Rating 4.5/5]

  • "It's one of the best platforms for creating a website. Easy, simple and fast", Antonio.
  • "Thanks to Webnode I was able to create a perfect website for my business" Nina.
  • "I think it's a great platform to create a beautiful, aesthetic website." Joel.


Secondly, Lucushost is a fantastic alternative. This platform is recommended by thousands of users because they value its stability and maintenance with their eyes closed.

It has both paid and free rates, this makes it attractive to a large number of users who do not have a certain budget to spend on their website.

Advantages of Lucushost

  • Excellent technical support

  • 30-day money back guarantee on all plans

  • Free SSL certificate for your own domain

  • You can try the service for 15 days free of charge

Opinions of Lucushost [Rating 4.7/5]

  • "An excellent platform with different free and paid rates, very top", Lola.

  • "I think it's great to have a 30-day guarantee. I'm thrilled with the result." , Andreu

  • "Thanks to Lucushost I have made my dream website for my business. Everything is perfect." , Cristina


    Thirdly, we believe that AwardsSpace will not let you down. It's a PHP-basedplatform.

    This platform has an infinite amount of storage space. It takes care of all maintenance and serviceissues.

    It turns out to be very popular among traders who want to create a website.

    Advantages of AwardsSpace

    • Quite stable uptime

    • Advertising-free experience

    • Multiple functions available to choose from

      Reviews by AwardsSpace [Rating 4.3/5]

      • "Perfect website for my business. Without advertising and with the free version" , Pablo.

      • "I am delighted with your service. Everything's great." Gisela.

      • "I got a great website, all right" , Maria.


        Last but not least, X10Hosting is created for those users who need to have their own website with a personalized service.

        X10Hosting is one of the strongest alternatives on the market today. It is considered a very stable platform and has a very complete customer service.

        Advantages of X10Hosting

        • Excellent free service

        • Free domain

        • 99.9% uptime guarantee

        Opinions from x10Hosting [Rating 4.8/5]

        • "The free plan is great and very complete. I would repeat it more times." , Paula.

        • "Your customer service is perfect. They'll take care of anything." , Gemma.

        • "All very well. It's perfect for creating your personalized website." , Oriol.

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