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A2 Hosting is known for being a web hosting provider focused on web developers. It offers a wide variety of plans and hosting: shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.

Although this platform is very popular in the server world, there are also other alternatives to A2 Host ing that will not leave you indifferent. That is why Gamerslance will present you with the bestalternatives to A2 Hosting.

What problems does A2 Hosting have?

Currently, several users are looking for alternatives to A2 Hosting, but do you know why? Below, we are going to mention the most frequent problems with this platform.

  • Software errors
  • Frequent connection drops
  • Bad connection
If you have experienced any of these problems with A2 Hosting, at Gamerslance we present you with a list of the best alternatives to A2 Hosting.


best alternatives to A2 Hosting

Below, you will find a list made by our experts so that you can find A2 Hosting alternatives that are sure not to leave you indifferent.

Let's get started!


First of all, we introduce you to Hostwinds. It is known for being a web hosting aimed at small and medium sized companies.

This platform has a cPanel license and 24 hour customer service.

Hostwinds is perfect for those users who want to open their website to increase their company's customers.

Advantages of Hostwinds

  • Personalized service
  • 24-hour technical support
  • Costs according to the characteristics of each plan

Reviews about HostWinds [Rating 4.7/5]

  • "Perfect for my business," Rosa.
  • "Service of 10", Manel.
  • "All right", Lucas.


Kinsta is a web provider that offers several WordPress plans. It's a Google Cloud-based service, which makes the servers quite fast. It also has great customer service 24 hours a day.

This platform stands out for its fast speed and high security.

Advantages of Kinsta

  • Easy to use
  • Great software
  • Great technical support

Opinions of Kinsta [Rating of 4.7/8]

  • "Spectacular", Ruben.
  • "It's worth it for the price you pay," Maria.
  • "Great", Miguel.


Third, we have DigitalOcean. It's known for being a provider that has a cloud and several options to meet your needs.

Currently, it's one of the best clouds in the segment worldwide.

This platform has multiple resources that can help you develop your website. The resources will be unlocked as you develop your digital strategy.

Advantages of DigitalOcean

  • VPS Service
  • cFull panel
  • Option to register web domains

Opinions of DigitalOcean [Rating of 4.8/5]

  • "I love it," Anna.
  • "My favourite platform without a doubt", Lucas.
  • "It's perfect," Marian.

AWS Cloud 9

Fourth, but not least, we present AWS Cloud 9.

It's a development and code editor environment. It's available online or from a hosted platform so you can work as you please.

In addition, it has different programming languages and a large collection of tools to code, run, test... a wide variety of actions.

Advantages of AWS Cloud9

  • Quickly
  • Insurance
  • Multiple tools

Views from AWS Cloud 9 [rating of 4.7/5]

  • "I love your service," Manel.
  • "I would repeat a thousand times," Rafael.
  • "Very top" , Irene.

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