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Do you like to read? Then you must know about Espaebook, a digital platform that has a wide catalogue of digital books and ebooks. In fact, it is one of the most extensive portals, offering some 60 thousand books to download without the need to register on the platform.

At Gamerslance we want to show you the best alternatives to Espaebook so that you can get to know other platforms that offer a similar or better service than this great website. If you are a lover of literature... this is what interests you!

What problems does Gamerslance present?

There are many people looking for alternatives to Espaebook but why? Basically, because it is a platform that often presents connection failures. Here are the most common problems with Espaebook:

  • Web crashes on a regular basis due to many users connecting at the same time.
  • Lack of investment on the part of the owners which makes the quality unsuitable and which presents some failures.
  • Copyright problems that have caused the authorities to close the page.

For all of these reasons, at Gamerslance we wanted to look for other pages similar to Espaebook that would help us find the books and ebooks that interest us most. Would you like to know them? Here they are!

The 7 best alternatives to Espaebook

Due to the problems of connection that often presents Espaebook, many other pages have wanted to replace their services and offer a very similar type of content, almost identical, but with substantial improvements. Here we leave you with a list of the 8 best alternatives to Espaebook so that you can choose the one that best suits your preferences. Let's get started!


We start by talking about one of the great ones: Bookboon. It's a website very similar to Espaebook, but that, in addition to literary books, has many textbooks and all of them 100% free. On its website you will find a large number of themes of books from different disciplines, therefore, is a very complete portal.

Advantages of Bookboon:

  • Web 100% free
  • A large catalogue of textbooks
  • Multiple disciplines and themes (science, languages, computer science...)
  • In the search bar you can find the books or ebooks you want

Bookboon opinions

  • "It is one of the best platforms to find books of all characteristics", Juana.
  • "It's very easy to use, fast and intuitive", Marcos.
  • "Being a free platform allows access to culture to all people. I love it", Rodrigo.

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