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Your shiny new Canon camera is your best shot pot. You take it everywhere, shoot beautiful photos and upload them to different places. It works pretty well with the right glass, doesn't it? You can do more with the right Android app. Some can control your camera for your and make shots easier to get. There aren't many options. However, some of them are doing quite well. Here are the best Canon apps for Android.

Camera Connect & Control

Camera Connect & Control is one of the best Canon apps. It also works with other brands of cameras. It also supports some Sony, Nikon and GoPro cameras. However, her wheelhouse is Canon. Most features are free. This includes connecting over WiFi or USB, downloading files from the camera, and more. There are two different professional versions. The cheapest removes ads and lets you see EXIF ​​data. Full pro version allows you to use your phone in live camera mode and burst mode.


Canon Camera Connect

Canon Camera Connect is one of two official Canon apps. We don't recommend trying the old one. It's official now. You can log into the app from the camera. It allows you to download and save images from your camera to your phone. You can also shoot remotely from the app, and more. It supports several different Canon cameras. The app could use a little work. Other people have complained about the app's design and scalability. It should be you at least trying, though. It's free with no in-app purchases.


DSLR Controller

The DSLR controller is aimed specifically at Canon EOS cameras. It is by the famous Chainfire. He is a star in the developer space. The app is basically what you think it is. It controls your camera. You can use your phone screen as a viewfinder. You can also extract photos, change various settings, zoom and other items. It's a bit ugly to work with. Chainfire recommends checking the full website for information on what the app can do and how to use it. It is one of the best Canon apps.


Helicon Remote

Helicon Remote is the priciest of the Canon apps on the list. It can do the basics that most tethering apps can. You can take photos, change a few settings, and view live. It can also take bursts with different exposures for HDR-style images. You can even use it for video recording. The basic, single-device license runs for $48. There's also an option for unlimited devices for $75. It's quite expensive. We wouldn't blame you for not wanting to pay this. However, the free version has a few of these features.


Magic Canon ViewFinder

Magic Canon ViewFinder comes from a family of camera apps. This one doesn't actually connect to your camera. Instead, it simulates the lens and camera combination you're going to use. It lets you use your phone to frame photos. This way you can get a general idea of ​​what your shot will look like before setting up all your expensive equipment. It works well for popular Canon cameras with general lenses. However, this is not an end-to-end solution. You can grab it for free to give it a shot.


If we missed any good Canon apps, tell us about the reviews!

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