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Le ergonomic chairs they have become an indispensable item for those who have to spend a lot of time sitting for work or study.

Evaluate a purchase in this regard is investing in health of those who have to make extensive use of it, therefore it is necessary to know how to recognize the differences.

Some factors combine to make an article better than others; in this guide we will know those models that meet particular needs and meet the requirements that an ergonomic chair must necessarily have.

Ergonomic chair: the best for our health

Ergonomic chairs can be used for offices, studios or your home, but what will make the difference will be the details that we will summarize below.

Notes on ergonomic chairs

Contrary to what one might think, ergonomic chairs should not be too comfortable as we will assume a position that harms the body.

In fact, we should take into account other factors such as:

  • the presence of a knee rest
  • the reclining seat
  • adjustable height: in the absence of the rocking support
  • the alternative seat: a prerogative that distinguishes a valid ergonomic chair from others
  • back support
  • the armrests

In fact, when I first read about ergonomic chairs, I did it thanks to my physiotherapist who recommended a Stokke chair for the work I do (even ignoring that Stokke chairs no longer existed: the current brand that distinguishes the chairs themselves is Varier).

I started with the search for general information and then went to the individual models and I discovered, in spite of myself, that the Varier ergonomic chairs, apparently uncomfortable and ugly, had an impressive cost (between 400 and 2.000 euros). Crazy. Yet everyone spoke of these chairs as miraculous products, capable of guaranteeing continuous movement to a subject called to carry out works by definition static.

A real investment and, in this sense, the rocking seat mounted under all ergonomic chairs Varier was even patented in the 80s precisely for this reason: thanks to it, the human body is in constant movement, forced to find its own postural and muscular balance.

All these chairs require a more or less long period of acclimatization: I consider it appropriate, at least at the beginning, to buy them on Amazon, try them for 30 days and, possibly, exercise the right of return provided by the American giant. It is difficult, in fact, to establish whether these chairs are for everyone and within everyone's reach: certainly, however, they are unique and extremely effective. I have tried other models without ever achieving the same goal.

Once we have established which technical details are useful for our health, let's delve into some of the best models.

Le ergonomic chairs they are ideal for those who spend a lot of time on the computer and want to be sure of having benefits from a postural point of view.

The situation is different, however, for those looking for more classic and common chairs. For these I recommend two more of our very specific articles about:

  • Office chairs
  • Gaming chairs

Varier Variable Balans - Ergonomic Seat

Let's now evaluate a product that offers a variant, it is an ergonomic seat, or better still one active sitting.

With the Varier Variable Balans ergonomic seat we are still in the high end for the price category.

What we can immediately take for granted is that, with an active session, the result is the continuous stimulation of body movement.

This prerogative is given by the posture we will assume: the Vary Variable Balans in fact it involves the assumption of a posture that varies continuously, involving the muscles and, consequently, active breathing.

It offers all the features we mentioned at the beginning: when we sit down we will find the knee rests which, as mentioned, allow an ideal position of the two quadrants of the body, the lower and the upper one.

The use of wood as a construction material also makes it aesthetically appealing and suitable for any context.

Varier Variable Balans details

  • item weight: 6 kg
  • item size: 72 x 52 x 51 cm
  • material: wood and fabric
  • available in different colors

Conclusions about this ergonomic seat

When we talk about active sitting we are indicating a real one habit to assimilate.

Staying in the same position for a long time, unfortunately we know it well, does not bring any benefits to the body.

Muscle tensions affect the back, spine, neck muscles and, many today are aware of this, this translates into contractures and pains of various degrees.

Often, in fact, incorrect posture even alters the sleep-wake rhythm and very negatively affects the ability to concentrate.

Learning to sit correctly is just as important as keeping the body in training: this is the basic goal of those who design an active session such as Varier Variable Ergonomic seat: a question of health.

Vary Variable More

As a first approach we enter immediately at the high end of the price of the category to which it belongs, with a guarantee in terms of ergonomic chairs.

It is  Vary Variable More, newly born of a prominent brand in the field.

It is an ergonomic chair capable of restoring the natural and correct posture for our spine.

The structure is in lamellar ash and the upholstery can be in fabric or leather.

In this model the backrest, the armrests and the knee rest are adjustable to allow use by people of different heights.

One of the most important elements in this ergonomic chair is the knee rests.

Their inclination and adjustable height allow you to assume a precise position. In fact, the distance between the trunk and the legs grants a relaxing, soothing posture and contributes to well-being of the person.

The axis of the seat inclined forward and the use of the knee rests contribute significantly to improving or totally removing the discomfort created by too much sedentary lifestyle.

Its beneficial action involves the entire vertebral column, the cervical column and the lumbo-sacral region.

It also increases the oxygen supply in the body, precisely through the regulation of the breath.

In addition to a purely aesthetic factor, with this ergonomic chair you can, paradoxically, transform a sedentary lifestyle into apositive experience.

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Best Ergonomic Chairs - Conclusions

We have repeated several times the importance of posture for the purpose of well-being and comfort re-educate our body.

Resorting to ergonomic chairs or seats is one of the really fundamental steps towards this goal: in fact, one of the considerations we should keep in mind is that sitting well is as important as keeping fit. Incorrect posture can lead not only to problems with the musculoskeletal system, but also with other organs (incorrect posture can lead to hiatal hernias for example).

The articles proposed in this guide all have this in mind obiettivo; all that remains is to evaluate which characteristics we are interested in and what weight we give to details for our health.

However, the need of those looking for common chairs, ideal for all uses, is different, comfortable and beautiful but not ergonomic:

  • Best office chairs
  • Best gaming chairs

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