The best Fortnite Prop Hunt codes for creative maps.

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From GamersLance we want to offer you all the information about all the maps that appear in the game Prop Hunt of Fornite, and we will offer you different codes so you can access them. If you want to know more, don't miss our post!

Prop Hunt has become a huge hit in Fortnite, both for players and streamers. The inspired hide-and-seek mode allows players to create their own maps. Some of the cards are odes to commercially successful companies and others are original creations that we can't get enough of. Fortunately, Epic Games allowed players to share their maps publicly through a generated code entry. So, with the mode celebrating the first anniversary of its arrival, we want to set the record straight and share the codes that we believe contain the best created cards in the mode.

10. Toy Story Props Hunt

through YouTube the trizbear

Code: 5530-6335-0681

This Pixar-inspired map, created by trizbear, features many elements that players can combine. Obviously, it's pretty scary to realize that one of the hundreds of toys could be another player, but that's why this Toy Story The Prop Hunt card is one of the best. From Mr. Potato Head to Rex the Dinosaur, the map details many characters from the movie series. So, Disney enthusiasts should definitely give this code a try.

Yacht Club

through the YouTube channel FCHQ

Code: 8102-6553-6379

Squeezeman1970 deserves a round of applause for this monster, as players can participate in a game of Prop Hunt on a full-sized and amazingly detailed yacht. As you can see above, players will be able to hide in the yacht and also look at its top deck. The best maps for this mode tend to be those that are spacious with a handful of item and room options. All in all, "Yacht Club" is an amazing card to play as it goes well with the current aquatic theme of the game.

8. Nuketown

via the chaîne YouTube the SKTTLZ

Code: 3304-1366-4977

It had to happen, from Counter Strike to now Fortnite, "Nuketown" invades another IP. If this sounds unfamiliar to you, the famously recreated map originally appeared in every Call of Duty Black Ops entry and is loved for its narrow corridors and short length. So, with this SKTTLZ creation, players can now play intense but fast-paced Prop Hunt games, as there aren't too many elements to hide. So choose carefully.

7. Home Alone

via Mara Blind's YouTube channel

Code: 1468-8833-8480

Mara Blind becomes one of the few Fortnite creators who is widely known. You can check out their YouTube channel to see all the well-detailed maps they have created from the video above. However, their Home Alone map is an adrenaline rush like no other when you aspire to be like Kevin McCallister in Prop Hunt. To give players more room to roam and hide, in addition to the memorable house, they also added a Christmas-themed driveway with plenty of camping items.

6. The Simpsons - Krusty Burger

through the YouTube channel FCHQ

Code: 0794-9902-1054

Another Mara Blind creation, The Simpsons: the Krusty Burger-inspired photocopier is the closest thing to a new Simpsons game, and that's absolutely fine. The map is made up of an entire neighborhood full of references from the show. More importantly, it's wide enough that new players can sneak around the map without getting caught by the search engine.

5. History of Halloween

through YouTube the LegendaryQi

Code: 9312-2909-8471.

"Halloween Story" is truly a love letter to the game's creative mode. User LegendaryQi has built what we think is the best horror-themed world. The map is as big as any map you'll see in the game, as there's a dark and misty forest, a spooky graveyard, and a demonic log cabin. It will undoubtedly add to the anxiety Prop Hunt is already generating, and is the perfect card to be an investigator. Expect this card to gain popularity as Halloween approaches.

4. Water park

via YouTube the eatyoushay

Code: 0139-3586-5803

While millions of people are devastated that they won't be able to go to water parks this summer, eatyoushay's "Water Park" card is a perfect substitution. The map is steadily increasing in ranks as YouTubers participate in some of its ridiculous features. It contains two huge pools, several camping slides, showers and dozens of beach chairs for mingling. In short, the creation is a puzzle for investigators trying to find everyone in a hurry.

3. Modern shopping center

through Regirom's YouTube

Code: 1679-1165-5282

Regirom's "Modern Mall" is one of those "don't knock it until you've tried it" creations. The mall is a giant two-story building with over ten different storefronts for camouflage. "Modern Mall" probably has the most items on the list that users can hide in. This is mainly due to the number of rubber duckies placed around the building; there are probably hundreds of them. Because of this design choice, investigators will have a hard time figuring out which one you are hiding in.

Western world


Code: 3541-6722-7262

Thousands of people have probably played Zacknaboot's "Western World," as it has been a hit since the mode's release. The Wild West face of Fortnite is huge, with a handful of saloons and bridges to explore. However, the map has a very small amount of items, so those in hiding will have a hard time making it. Either way, there aren't enough Western-style maps that are as detailed as Zacknaboot's, as its re-playability is very promising.

1. Happy bunny

via YouTube the Fatal Creation

Code: 0766-9634-2298

Tilted Towers has always been considered the largest map ever created in Fortnite. Then there was "Blissful Bunny" by Fatal Creation. The creation seems to be designed along the lines of a Dr. Suess and Alice in Wonderland book, which can aesthetically erase both the hider and the seeker. In the center of the map is a giant, obnoxious statue of a smiling Easter bunny, surrounded by small houses. There are hundreds of Easter eggs for players to collect around the map, which makes seekers lose their minds when they hunt you down. Even if I haven't picked up Fortnite in a while, and you have little interest in Prop Hunt, you should redeem this map code and explore this colorful landscape.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Prop-hunt mentions the old "hide and seek" and could be translated as our "hide and seek", the children's game where a set of little ones hides in different places and, after a recessive count, the little one who gets away must go to look for them.
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Step 1: Start Fortnite.
To access this menu you just need to click on "Move".
Step 2: Click on "Play", then choose "Island code" and press Enter.
Step 3: Enter the island code and click on "Start" to start playing.

Load Fortnite and enter the perfect Creative mode.
Approach a marked island fissure.
Press and hold the "Use" button in order to bring up the code menu.
Type in the code of the island you wish to visit.
Enter the fissure to start.

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