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    • Sharkoon Separator MECH SGK3

    • mechanics
    • Kaihl RED
    • The cheapest
    • Fnatic miniSTREAK

    • TKL mechanics
    • Kaihl silver speed
    • Best for quality / price ratio
    • Cooler Master MasterKeys MK730

    • mechanics
    • Cherry MX Red
    • The starting point for the top of the range
    • Steelseries Apex Pro

    • mechanics
    • OmniPoint Switch
    • The top in circulation!

    Look for the best gaming keyboard for your needs?

    You have probably been stunned by the number of products on the web and this may have prompted you to seek help and advice. No problem!

    In fact, especially after the success of our advice about i gaming mouse, we can't wait to help our readers choose their keyboards and to that end we have compiled one guide on the best gaming keyboards.

    Let's see now together then in the introductory part of this buying guide, what are the basic concepts to know to launch into a purchase of this peripheral, followed by a section with the ranking of the best gaming keyboards:

    • Gaming keyboard • Budget range
    • Gaming keyboard • Mid-range
    • Gaming keyboard • High-end
    • What is a gaming keyboard
    • Types of gaming keyboards
    • Types of switches
    • What do I need in a keyboard
    • Conclusions

    Best gaming keyboard • Budget range

    We now proceed to the subdivision into macro sections for each kind of product, listing them from less expensive (and therefore qualitatively inferior) to the most expensive.

    But I anticipate that it would be a good idea to support yours gaming keyboard to a good gaming mat simple and elegant.

    Then let's proceed together inside the first section of the guide to best gaming keyboards!

    As we have already anticipated, the starting devices will be shown below: with a basic quality, not excellent and with some flaws.

    Cooler Master Devastator 3 Plus: Combo Mouse + gaming keyboard

    Cooler Master Devastator 3 Plus

    This one we are about to present to you is the devastating combo di Cooler Master: which will allow you to get a box with gaming mousegaming keyboard of good workmanship and solidity.

    This product is part of the tastiere Mem-chanical since it simulates to the touch the feedback of a normal mechanical keyboard.

    It is evident that the world of PC technology is progressively moving in this direction.

    Il bundle it is extremely valid as it is cheap and convenient, certainly among the best choices for this price range.

    The color we are proposing is the red one. However the devastating kit II is present with variables blu green.

    Below is the box for connecting to Amazon to check the price of the item in real time.

    DREVO Tyrfing V2

    DREVO Tyrfing V2

    Let's move on to the mechanical gaming keyboard Tyrfing V2, made by Wood, Whose quality and reliability has been recognized for a long time.

    Supports the RGB backlight and owns 9 preset colors e 14 different lighting modes with high color rendering

    Furthermore, it is a product tested in first person, and that left us positively surprised by its quality, despite the low price. The weight is about 1,28 Kg, i keys are fresh, pleasant to the touch and the click sound is very satisfying.

    The keys are precise and have a positive feedback that can be seen immediately. The device is connected via USB cable and also provides customization of buttons and macros.

    Logitech G413

    Logitech G413

    This tastiera da gaming logitech owns the switch Romer-G specially designed to offer pleasant tactile feedback. The running of these particular Switch home logitech it's great for gaming.

    The keyboard is fine lit but it is not RGB. However, since the price is not very high, we can grant this small slip to logitech.

    In fact, the only color present is in the color of the red.

    The structure is in aluminum alloy and confers stability and resistance, as well as durability over time.

    La gaming keyboard has a door USB plus the FN (Function) key that allows you to interact with the activities of your PC.

    It is a very interesting and valid product. Below you can find the price.

    Best mechanical gaming keyboard • mid-range

    Within this section we will find some gaming keyboards with an excellent rapporto qualità / prezzo and which differ from the previous ones for a better invoice.

    Obviously we have moved to a new category therefore the price compared to previous items is inevitably higher.

    Furthermore, as can be seen from the title, the first ones will appear from this moment on mechanical keyboards.

    Let's not get lost in further chat and let's analyze the products in more detail. Street!

    Sharkoon Separator MECH SGK3

    Sharkoon Separator MECH SGK3

    What is the best mechanical gaming keyboard economic present on the market?

    Without a doubt there Sharkoon Separator MECH SGK3 it is one of the best picks in the price range that is around 50 euros.

    If you want to find out more about this keyboard, read our review of the Sharkoon Skiller MECH SGK3, where you can find all the details about it.

    In short, however, I can reassure you that this SGK3 is a mechanical keyboard with an unbeatable price.

    I leave you the direct link to purchase on amazon below.

    Fnatic miniSTREAK

    Fnatic miniStreak

    We now introduce the first in the guide mechanical gaming keyboard!

    The latter, Fnatic miniStreak it is one of the best proposals in terms of quality for its price.

    We would like to remind you that the mechanical keyboards they generally have a higher price than the simpler “membranes” therefore the difference with the previous ones is justifiable as this is also perceived in the quality.

    La keyboard it's really cool and has Cherry MX Silent Red switches. The LEDs can be adjusted in depth through the special software that can be installed on the PC.

    This product is very good and goes to satisfy users who are planning to buy one mechanical gaming keyboard not excessively expensive but at the same time extremely valid.

    HyperX Alloy Origins Core

    HyperX Alloy Origins Core

    Ultimately, before moving on to products that are much more expensive but offer better quality, let's talk about the mechanical gaming keyboard di HyperX: template 
    Alloy origins core

    This article is obviously RGB and the lighting can be managed via software.

    Introduce the HyperX mechanical proprietary switches. These switches guarantee a lifespan of 100 million pushes and offer linear and consistent pressure with immediate response.

    Additionally, each switch has a central RGB LED to give each key an all-round illumination. The design is ultra-compact tkl with detachable USB type-c cable.

    The sensation that the keys return to their pressure is a feeling that must be tested live. Obviously the keyboard is anti ghosting.

    There is an option to set macro keys.

    For the price it owns the mechanical gaming keyboard it is very competitive and will give a hard time even to the most expensive proposals.

    It could be a smart buy: a middle ground between the more expensive and better keyboards to follow and the cheaper ones from the previous section.

    Add the product to the cart so as not to lose sight of it!

    Cooler Master MasterKeys MK730

    Cooler Master Masterkeys MK730

    Returning from Cooler Master now let's see the keyboard model MasterKeys MK730  and let's study the specifications in detail.

    It is obviously one mechanical gaming keyboard and we have included it in the guide because it can be a satisfactory product for a certain range of users: those who are looking for one keyboard compact and resistant without neglecting the other equally important features.

    Obviously by relying on brand like Cooler Master we have no doubts about the quality of the products used and the materials.

    La keyboard possesses an enlightenment RGB high-class and a clean design and that touches the shades of dark gray / black. The keys are Cherry MX Red, which have a fast and linear action.

    It is a “lite” product therefore compact and small in size. It can be a good choice for those who have to travel or still need a normal keyboard but still of quality and do not have large spaces to position it.

    Also included in the package is a comfortable soft magnetic wrist rest.

    Best mechanical gaming keyboard • high-end

    Once in this section of the guide on best gaming keyboards mechanical it will be necessary to pay attention to the wallet and remember that the bills to be paid will arrive at the end of the month!

    Obviously, in proportion to the cost, the quality products.

    We are talking about top extreme range, so consider if actually the expense you are going to incur is right and worth it for what you will have to do with it.

    Let's not get lost in further chat and let's move on!

    Akko 3098B Black&Gold

    Never heard of tastiere da gaming custom? If you are looking for a special keyboard, and not the usual commercial keyboards, Akko is the brand that's really right for you.

    Le Akko custom mechanical keyboards are treated in detail and are built with love and passion.

    They are real pieces of art you can keep on your desk!

    Build quality is foolproof and sometimes most of their products possess bluetooth and wireless connectivity as well as via cable!

    Il rapporto qualità / prezzo it is then absolutely positive!

    Razer Huntsman

    Razer Huntsman Layout ita

    We are almost at the end of the guide on best mechanical gaming keyboards. Here we offer you a branded article Razer, Huntsman, which has a lot to offer and may even be preferable to previous proposals.

    Also this gaming keyboard and obviously RGB (16,8 million colors). It owns switch meccanici Razer Synapse 3 which therefore differ from traditional classifications.

    Razer keys are renowned for their durability, and now they last even longer. Thanks to the optical actuation that allows to reduce physical contact, the Razer Opto-Mechanical keys almost completely eliminate degradation, providing a duration of up to 100 million keystrokes.

    The product is comfortable and very well structured. Also in this case we recommend the purchase!

    That the disagreement between RazerLogitech Corsair start!

    Below is the link to purchase from Amazon:

    Corsair K95 Platinum RGB

    Corsair K95 rgb Platinum

    The counterpart to the Blackwidow Chroma by Razer and the K95 by Corsair with LED RGB.

    This model also has gods taste macro, however in this case the keys are 6, therefore one more than in the previous article.

    Also in this case the design is meticulous in every detail. THE materials with which it is built are of excellent quality and the general structure is very resistant.

    Top right in the gaming keyboard you will find the multimedia keys (play, stop, next etc.) and the keys for volume control with relative mute.

    Also this model of mechanical keyboard presents a comfortable wrist rest at the base of its structure.

    Obviously also in this case there will be the possibility of adjust the leds in various operating modes. Plus this gaming keyboard owns a strip of LED in the upper part, in addition of course to the logo Corsair also illuminated.

    The main material for the armor is aluminum, which gives stability to the whole.

    La mechanical keyboard returns excellent tactile feedback while typing and also while typing Gaming. It is sold in two versions: with Cherry Mx Red (fast and precise) and with Cherry Mx Brown (tactile and silent).

    An excellent counterpart to the rival Razer with which it competes and struggles to snatch the top end of the market for mechanical gaming keyboards.

    Let us now ultimately see one logitech keyboard with excellent competitive skills that will give a hard time to the previous 2.

    In the meantime, I invite you to take a look at the product Corsair.

    Steelseries Apex Pro

    Steelseries Apex Pro

    One of the best known mechanical gaming keyboards Of all times!

    We're talking about Apex Pro produced by Steelseries (company of fundamental importance in the creation of external devices used by competitive players).

    Unfortunately this model is not easy to find with a Spanish layout, despite this there are many reasons why this keyboard remains by far one of the most valid and complete that the Steelseries ever baked.

    We are obviously talking about one mechanics with RGB backlight fully adjustable via software.

    mechanical keys omnipoint Switch produced by the same Steelseries they have been designed to last as long as possible (we are talking about 100 million implementations).

    There is a small screen on the keyboard that shows game info and much more. There is also a magnetic palm rest

    It is not easy to review similar products without ending up in stereotypes. Because we will hardly be able to find flaws and we will always find ourselves talking about the excellent qualities that are present.

    In other words, this is in our opinion one of the best high-end gaming keyboards.

    Below is the link for the direct connection to Amazon to check the price in real time and compare it with the following ones.

    Gaming keyboard • How to choose it?

    Probably if you are reading this guide you will already have a plan for yours in your head PC.

    We now find ourselves therefore having to choose suitable ones external peripherals as a gaming mouse, gaming headset and finally a keyboard to complete the ideal gaming station.

    First of all, know that we need to establish the reason why we are going to buy a certain type of keyboard.

    It might seem trivial but there are many models and types of peripherals that have important differences between them.

    Just think of a simple one office keyboard which has nothing to do with one gaming keyboard.

    Let's see what distinguishes the mechanical keyboards gives some simple business keyboards or for office, and let's find out what makes a gaming keyboard really special compared to those already mentioned!

    What is a gaming keyboard?

    Any external device can be defined from gaming if it meets certain requirements.

    I gamers professionals or those who play at a competitive level demand maximum performance from these products: the signal must be transferred without hitches or slowdowns to the PC, With the lowest possible latency!

    Other times you need to additional keys macro.

    We certainly need a software to check i keyboard profiles, RGB lighting and firmware upgrade besides many other things.

    Membrane, mechanical and mem-chanical

    Now let's move on to the facts and begin to really distinguish the rules that underlie the construction and structure of a keyboard. There are 3 types of keyboards:

    • Membrane keyboard: these are the classic keyboards, the least expensive, the least gifted in terms of quality and with a key response that is not as precise and satisfactory as those that follow.
    • Mechanical keyboard: these keyboards they are less common and have a higher price, but they are better and have an immediate and lightning-fast response.
    • Mem-chanical: this kind of keyboards they are a middle ground between the previous two as they have a membrane sensor but they mount a technology of keys similar to that used in mechanical keyboards. These can also represent a good compromise between performance and cost, therefore their quality / price ratio should not be underestimated.

    Tasti “switch” e Cherry

    Similarly, i keyboard keys they differ from each other according to their structures.

    These are commonly referred to "Switch" (especially in mechanical keyboards) and have the task of being activated following a certain pressure.

    Obviously, the greater the pressure required, the more the noisiness of these keys.

    In common mechanical keyboards, “Cherry keys” are usually used, so called because they are produced by Cherry Corporation, a company that has been dealing with keyboards since 1967.

    While other companies of the weight of RazerLogitech, just to name two, they produce their own “switches” themselves.

    Software e Macro

    This section will help you understand what kind of gaming keyboard need: you may need many additional side buttons for the creation of macro which, as we know, are fundamental in some videogames (such as in MMO games). In such a case you will need to purchase a keyboard for MMO eg.

    Alternatively, you may need keys for search, volume, "mute", the classic "home" and much more.

    Also, as we will see later, some keyboards more expensive will allow us, thanks to them software, to set and define the function of certain keys.

    You might also need them headphone and microphone connectors or a   in the same keyboard.

    So, and I repeat, it is also good to keep in mind what you need before buying: there is no best in an objective sense, but only in relation to needs.

    Which mechanical gaming keyboard to buy?

    In guide on best gaming keyboards that you have just read, we have tried to summarize which are the most interesting and qualitatively valid products on the market by analyzing their qualities, the value for money and the specific peculiarities of each individual.

    We have also explained to you how to properly choose a product and what are the characteristics that can differentiate it from the competition.

    Now it's up to you to choose which product is right for you!

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