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What are the best headphones in ear? It's really hard to tell because, at least apparently, they all look the same.

In-ear headphones are the evolution of best headphones for listening to music, and they have, by the way, definitely created one great revolution in the field.

If before we thought of the headset only as an object that rests on the pavilion, with the arrival of this type, it is also possible partially insert the headset inside the ear canal.

What follows from this?

The first thing that immediately catches the eye is certainly the big one compactness of these models, which can also be safely slipped into your pocket to tell you.

But not only compactness, because also the versatility e efficiency are intrinsic characteristics of in-ear headphones.

If you have come across this article, it means that you are looking for a model that perfectly meets your needs.

You've probably also already looked at the market and realized how many models exist in the market.

Difficult to navigate in the midst of such a quantity of headphones in ear if you do not have the basics on technical and structural characteristics.

But don't be afraid, because we are right here to help you in this choice.

How to choose the in ear headphones?

Before proceeding with the different features and parameters to consider, we also want to give you some more information about it.

The in-ear headphones are the classics headphones for music which are often supplied with the purchase of a smartphone for example.

They are extremely comfortable, and above all they have two features important:

  • greatly reduce external sounds
  • they give a really good sound quality in most cases

Despite their great general quality, however, it is important to take into account some aspects that we will soon examine.

Fortunately, this industry has had a notable growth and improvement bringing, from the first models where the quality was really low, to really models excellent that can satisfy even the most demanding people.

But now just generalize, and let's get into specifics.

In ear headphones: the different types

The first thing we want you to know is the diversity that exists between the different types of headphones in ear.

This world could be divided into two large macro groups:

  • in ear headphones with cable
  • in ear headphones without cable

The differences between the two are quite evident just by reading, but let's examine everything specifically.

Le in ear headphones with cable only the first appeared on the market for this type of headset.

They have a very good sound quality, and we can also say much better than wireless headphones.

However, you should be aware that the cable may get in your way in some cases.

Le in ear headphones without cable, on the other hand, they are really comfortable and versatile. Thanks to the absence of a connecting wire, they offer you a great comfort of movement, which is why they are perfect for those who play sports, for example.

The sound quality, however, is a bit lower, and you also have to take into account the fact that the rechargeable battery needs to be charged every 5-6 hours of use or so.

The best or worst type is not easily defined, because it all depends on your actual needs.

In ear headphones: the technical aspects

Let us now focus on the most important things of all, that is specific technical information headphones for music.

To really know if a headset is valid or not, you should try it on before purchasing.

We know very well that this is not possible, so this problem must be solved by evaluating the following parameters.

  • Frequency response (Hz). To understand this data you need to know, first of all, that the human ear can cover a range of frequencies ranging from 20 to 20.000 Hz. It is therefore obvious that, to be valid, a headphone model must at least cover this range.
  • Impedance. This term indicates the resistance that the headphones have towards the audio signal. The higher this value, the higher the quality of the final transmitted sound. But be careful because the volume of the sound is indirectly proportional to this figure.
  • Sensitivity. It is the feature that you will surely have heard of several times already since it is, in practice, the decibels. The higher this figure, the higher the volume of the transmitted sound will be.
  • External noises. As you can well imagine, the excellent sound quality is not enough if there are background noises to disturb and ruin everything. This is the reason why it is good to also consider those extra active functions to totally eliminate noises and annoyances that may derive from the external environment. Basically, however, in-ear headphones have excellent sound insulation.
  • Integrated microphone. Very useful if you also want to use the headset to answer calls. For example, when you are in a car, you could easily talk without incurring important penalties. However, check that the microphone is of good quality.
  • Rubber pads. This type of music headphones are always provided by rubber pads that fit over the earphones. Usually, in a basic package, different size pads are provided to ensure you can use the perfect one for your needs.
  • Resistance and durability. Finally check that the headphones in ear are resistant to dust and water. Especially if you will also use them during your sports training.

In ear headphones: latest useful tips

As you can see, the characteristics to be evaluated are not in the millions, however each one has its own importance.

And if we want to be fiscal, here we can also add the aesthetic factor.

On the market, by now, there are models of different colors, and even with interchangeable colors.

These are secondary factors but for many they can also make a difference.

In addition, it also seems fair to let you know that there are advanced models that are sold with one case with integrated battery.

Seen in one of the previous paragraphs we talked to you about the poor battery life in the wireless models, this solution could be the right one for you if you want this type of in-ear headphones, but the battery factor was holding you back.

In-ear headphones • The best earphones

Now you certainly have clearer ideas, and a global knowledge that allows you to better manage the different models on the market.

We have, however, selected some of the for you best models of headphones in ear.

You will find it all in ascending order of price.

AGPTEK Auricolare in-Ear

Let's start with a very basic and economical model, however, which can easily meet the average needs of anyone.

It has the characteristic of having earphones with a particle curved shape.

This detail allows you to have one perfect fit headphones and avoid losing them during a workout or run.

We can define them as sports headphones since every single part of it is perfectly resistant to water and sweat.

I rubbers that cover the earphones are very soft and adapt perfectly to the internal shape of the ear canal.

They have one frequency response ranging from 20 to 20.000 Hz and one sensibility at 89 dB.

Il cable is 115 cm long and included in the package you will find ben 5 earphones of different sizes.

The cost is € 10,99.

Xiaomi Mi QTER01JY

Here is another economic model, but at the same time quite valid for different needs.

It is always a corded model.

It has a frequency response with a range that goes from 20 to 20.000 Hz, and therefore perfectly in accordance with human hearing.

Impedance is of is 32 ohms and the sensibility at 101 dB.

In short, the sound quality is excellent, and also insulation from external noise it is more than valid.

Has a integrated microphone and also keys to manage the various functions in a practical and fast way.

In the box you will find several interchangeable rubbers to ensure perfect fit and versatility.

The cost is € 29,95.

Plantronics Backbeat Go 2/A Cuffia

We continue with a model of in ear headphones without cable, again with a technology Bluetooth.

They have really great sound quality that you will surely be satisfied with.

It has a frequency response with a range from 20 to 20.000 Hz.

Impedance instead it is 82 oHM and the sensibility is 104 dB.

La battery it is quite durable as it allows you to listen for up to 5 hours non-stop on a full charge.

In the package you will find three different sizes of rubber pads that you can interchange without problems.

There are resistant to dust and even water.

The cost is € 86,90.

Aukey Bluetooth Headsets

these Bluetooth wireless earphones di Aukey they have been with me everywhere for a few weeks.

They look a lot like the previous product, but the qualitative gap is marked.

At a price of about 50 euros we will be able to take home some cuffiette bluetooth touch screen.

Yes, because this model is equipped with touch screen controls on both ear lobes.

The touch screen controls will be useful for increase the volume or lower it, change trackaccept phone calls and much more.

Comfort is also reassuring, after a few minutes of wearing them they become imperceptible and form a single thing with the ear.

The reproductive sound quality is faithful and the product has a exceptional quality / price ratio.

Aukey Racing Bluetooth Headphones

If you already have earphones of different kinds but don't want to risk using them when you go to play then it may be the case that these Aukey racing bluetooth earphones may interest you.

Bluetooth headset they can be recharged very quickly: 10 minutes of recharging are equivalent to 80 minutes of reproduction certified by the brand Aukey.

Obviously the racing earphones they are waterproof and sweat resistant.

Designed to be used even in the busiest conditions: they are headphones that are unlikely to lose their grip once they are put on.

The reproduction and sound quality is excellent. The product is expensive overall, but it has a lot to offer.

Sony WF1000X Cuffie In-Ear

Here is a high-end model.

Here the sound quality it is truly undisputed.

They have one external noise isolation function active which really raises the real sound quality of the music considerably.

I'm a model without cable and the packaging is with case with integrated battery to give you even greater versatility.

Frequency response with range from 20 to 20.000 Hz.

The connection between the headset and the device is made via wireless technology and it is compatible with practically any type of technology on the market.

The cost is € 220.

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