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The computer has now become indispensable in the daily life of many people both for work and for personal needs. Very often, when using a laptop, there is therefore the need for a fundamental accessory for the safe transport of the computer: laptop backpack.

It is an article able to satisfy the needs of the buyer in every respect: the pc backpacks on the market, in fact, they have a particular care in the materials, such as the design or the organization of the spaces they offer or, again, the resistance to shocks.

In order to be able to consider a successful purchase, it is necessary to keep in mind some factors that go beyond the purely aesthetic preference.

In fact, we often underestimate the usefulness of backpacks specifically suitable for laptops believing that any backpack can be used to carry notebooks, mice, tablets and many other devices at the same time that, perhaps, not everyone carries with them.

A laptop backpack must guarantee, instead, a housing for devices that protects them from shocks or from the water that could filter, and has departments for various types of gadgets.

We will look for these precautions in the details of each product by choosing well the materials used in its manufacture, be they those of external coating or those of internal coating.

Not only that, the dimensions of a laptop backpack contain a precise indication regarding the diagonal of the laptop that we intend to carry. In this way the compartment intended to contain it will be able to protect the device by keeping it stationary.

Best PC backpacks • Buying guide

The guide that will follow intends to present some of the backpacks that we will find on the market by making a distinction based, in fact, on the main characteristics of each product with particular attention to size (already from the titles).

For each laptop backpack you will find description, personal opinion, technical characteristics and purchase links.

Herschel Supply Classic X-large

A relatively simple backpack, but made with quality in the details and extremely versatile.

This laptop backpack it can be used for various purposes, and is generally indicated for young people and adolescents.

Has a minimal design, is available in many different colors, and a very interesting quality / price ratio.

It is very simple, in fact it does not have any particular internal or external compartment to arrange accessories or gadgets of any kind.

Its strong point is that it can be a common school backpack, but it allows you to comfortably hold books, a laptop and more. If necessary, it can diversify a comfortable backpack for sports or for a short trip.

Burton Annex 2.0

It is amazing as one backpack such can cost relatively so little! The product I'm about to tell you about is manufactured by Burton: exactly! The same brand that makes snowboards and many other excellent quality items.

This laptop backpack it is quite generous in size: it is equipped with many external and internal pockets, which allow you to arrange comfortably gadgets and devices of all kinds.

Il volume is 28 liters: very abundant to be able to contain devices of all kinds and types.

Then we have a fettuccina that even allows us to attach a jacket or yoga mats or more. It is possible to carry a bottle with you very comfortably.

This is one laptop backpack very versatile, with a lot of space, and which also opens up to the possibility of being used for a trip to the mountains.


Why did I choose to recommend this Invicta backpack in particular and not just any one present in the economic range of the market? I will explain it to you with a careful review.

I have selected, among the many I tried, the following backpack because I often find myself spending my days outdoors or in alternative places where I spend time studying, reading and taking notes. I therefore needed to use a backpack that could hold everything I often carry with me, namely notebooks, notebooks, earphones and power banks.

This backpack, in fact, is quite roomy: it has some not indifferent dimensions, so it can contain both notebook (from 15.6 ″ maximum) than books, notebooks and tablets.

Coming then to the design, the color of the product is variable: there are multiple models.

Is one modern laptop backpack, very spacious, but also not very suitable for professional or business environments: it is designed for young people, technology enthusiasts or hybrids, certainly not for Wall street businessmen.

Fjällräven Kånken Laptop 13″

Let's go back after the war with one backpack for 13 inch laptop with truly breathtaking design.

The strong point of this product is clearly this: the model is unisex, is available in multiple colors, but we have chosen the green one, as it is particularly fashionable in recent years,

It is not equipped with numerous dedicated pockets and compartments. But it is a product that focuses strongly on aesthetics and low weight.

It is meant to carry a small portable and therefore relatively small gadgets.

A more urban and compact solution, and less versatile and rich in features.

What you pay for is the design and punctuality in the realization of the seams and the quality of the fabrics used.

XKUN Backpack Backpack for Laptop

If what you are looking for is one laptop backpack with serious and stylish design, in leather, then this model of XKUN will certainly be right for you.

In addition to being more professional and business oriented than previous models, it is also resistant to water and splashes.

Il price is super advantageous, and amounts to just over 50 euros.

We will be able to insert a 15,6 inch laptop in a simple and comfortable way and there will be plenty of space to insert additional devices.

A strong point of this product? The presence of a USB port to recharge the phone or tablet prepared in the backpack.

By purchasing this product then we will not have only one backpack but also a integrated powerbank: comfortable and useful for those who travel and work in big cities and spend most of the day away from home.

Foolproof quality / price ratio!

Final thoughts about the best laptop backpacks

In this guide we have considered some of the models of pc backpacks present on the market. We presented accessories offering different options to highlight features that could be a satisfactory choice for the user.

Having established what the precise needs are, we could now think of a purchase that juggles between aesthetic taste, functionality and price of each product.

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